Parul Batra: Shaping the Future of Global Technology Through Innovation and Excellence

Parul Batra

Information technology has already revolutionized the operations of businesses across various industries. No sector remains untouched by the impact of information technology, serving as the foundation for enhanced efficiency in sectors such as healthcare, e-commerce, banking, and finance, to name a few. The correlation between technology and efficiency has led to an increased demand for tech experts with experience in diverse sectors. Parul Batra emerges as a seasoned IT professional with a remarkable journey marked by resilience, dedication to customer excellence, and an unwavering commitment to driving transformative change. Over the past decade, Parul’s skills have made a lasting impact on diverse industries, including e-commerce, technology giants, and healthcare, showcasing her adaptability and global perspective.

Parul Batra’s professional trajectory serves as a vivid demonstration of her exceptional proficiency in Agile Project Management, Relationship Building, Delivery Operations, and Cross-functional Collaborations. Within the domain of project management, her adeptness in precisely defining project scope, methodically developing comprehensive project plans, and seamlessly implementing robust project management processes attests to her meticulous approach and unwavering focus on achieving tangible results.

Throughout her career, Parul consistently demonstrated skills in project planning, presentations, risk management, organization, and cross-functional collaborations. Parul’s journey unfolds across continents, with her relocation to the United States for studies marking the beginning of a remarkable adventure 12 years ago. Navigating through diverse industries, including e-commerce, technology giants, and healthcare, she seamlessly integrates a global perspective into her professional endeavours. Armed with academic excellence, Parul holds both a Bachelor’s degree in IT and a Master’s degree in Management Information Systems, a testament to her dedication to knowledge acquisition. This harmonious blend of academic prowess and rich professional experience positions her as a standout professional capable of making impactful contributions across a spectrum of sectors.

Project Management Mastery

From the outset of her career, Parul displayed exceptional project management acumen, coordinating turnkey projects and earning accolades for operational excellence. Her strategic approach to defining project scope, goals, and deliverables in collaboration with key stakeholders set the stage for her dynamic contributions across industries.

Parul spearheaded energy network software and logistics projects, collaborating across teams. Her proficiency in delivery operations, supply chain management, and Agile practices enhanced project efficiency. Proactively elevating standards, she implemented Agile Best practices, improving operational efficiency. Parul’s leadership also led to the adoption of Renewable Fuels, reducing carbon intensity for fleets and promoting sustainability.


Impactful Roles at Industry Giants

During her tenure at Amazon, Parul held pivotal roles that shaped the company’s operations on a global scale. She successfully led Europe’s perishable and non-perishable delivery business for Driver Evaluation and Performance. Her role in the global launch of Amazon Flex showcased her skills in designing functional requirements and maintaining business metrics, generating multi-million-dollar revenue for Amazon Innovations such as fraud prevention programs, Single score for drivers, optimizing projects like Global Tool Matrix, and introducing COVID enforcements were not just operational enhancements but examples of shaping the profession in the face of evolving challenges.

Parul’s strategic vision played a crucial role in reducing response SLA in infringement issues.Her collaboration with cross-functional teams globally reflected her expertise in communication, documentation, and project management.She launched a 30+ investigator team globally, which led to a remarkable 94% reduction in response time. This support team evolved from a 5-days-a-week, 8-hours-a-day operation to a 24/7 support system, supporting multiple languages.

Parul expanded her expertise into healthcare technology, skilfully bridging the gap between technology and healthcare. Her proficiency in driving process improvements that positively impact patient outcomes demonstrated her holistic approach to customer-centric solutions. During this phase, Parul’s role in program management stands out, marked by her innovative application of Agile methodologies to enhance the development of cutting-edge products and services.

Parul envisions shaping the global tech landscape with innovation and excellence. Beyond technological advancements, she emphasizes the pivotal role of customer experience in transformative change. Parul Batra’s exceptional journey in information technology has garnered her national and international acclaim, notably earning her the prestigious 2023 Gold Globee Women of the Year Award and the International Achievers’ Award. These honors recognize her outstanding expertise in Project Management and her substantial contributions to the development of innovative products and services, evident in her transformative impact on diverse industries. Parul’s academic excellence, coupled with her global perspective, positions her as a standout professional, embodying a commitment to innovation and customer-centric solutions.


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