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Partisia Blockchain Introduces Cutting-Edge On-Chain Custody Solution, MOCCA

Unlocking Tomorrow’s Custody: MOCCA – Liberation from Conventional Chains, Transforming Security and Adaptability in a Decentralized Landscape.

In a momentous reveal during the World Economic Forum in Davos, Brian Gallagher, co-founder of Partisia Blockchain, took the stage to introduce MOCCA (MPC On-Chain Custody Advanced solution). In essence, MOCCA represents a decentralized and fully programmable multichain

wallet, utilizing an on-chain smart contract. This groundbreaking solution surpasses traditional custody vendors, MultiSig, and the Threshold Signature Scheme (TSS) by harnessing the power of Partisia Blockchain and its advanced multiparty computation (MPC) capabilities.

Gone are the days of static smart contracts like MultiSig deployments with limited programmability. MOCCA provides a decentralized and programmable custody alternative, secured by MPC technology, offering seamless support across multiple blockchains.

MOCCA is tailored for institutions seeking genuinely decentralized custody solutions rooted in blockchain principles. It caters to DAOs in search of secure and fully programmable treasury options, investment clubs prioritizing flexibility in governance, wallet providers expanding non-custodial offerings, exchanges aiming for transparency in fund management, and any scenario requiring multiple participants to collaborate in a trustless environment.

The deployment of MOCCA is swift and cost-effective, directly on-chain, with customizable templates and tools, such as Partisia Blockchain’s smart contract IDE. This departure from conventional custody vendors not only cuts down on fees and implementation times but also ensures decentralization and flexibility. Backed by a team with 35 years of MPC research and over 1000 research papers, MOCCA guarantees security and compliance.

To fortify security, especially for institutions managing substantial funds, Partisia Blockchain introduces off-chain signing—an advanced security feature allowing offline devices to generate keys and participate in on-chain protocols via clients. The capability to enhance key decentralization is provided by storing specific keys directly within Partisia Blockchain’s decentralized MPC clusters, secured by unconditionally secure secret-sharing cryptography.

Decentralized Governance with MPC

MPC enables decentralization by requiring approval from two or more parties for each transaction. Unlike other solutions claiming decentralization, MOCCA achieves genuine decentralization by deploying on public blockchains. Key shards are generated and stored exclusively by users, submitted to the decentralized MPC protocol, allowing participants to actively engage in governance and sign transactions directly on-chain.

This approach is a significant leap over commonly used off-chain generated TSS protocols, offering advantages in terms of modifiability and a trusted collaboration platform like a public blockchain.

Blockchain Agnostic and Robust Security

Designed to be blockchain agnostic, MOCCA relies on MPC technology independent of protocol support, a significant advantage over MultiSig. Transactions are signed off-chain and then broadcast to the on-chain protocol, ensuring compatibility with various destination signature schemes.

Public blockchains also enable automatic key rotation and adjustable transparency levels for protocol participants’ signatures, features not possible with MultiSig. This robustness safeguards against various attacks, ensuring configurable privacy and security—essential for compliance-focused businesses.

Full Programmability for Unprecedented Flexibility

MOCCA’s smart contracts go beyond market offerings; they are fully programmable, allowing for arbitrary code logic written in RUST. The template contract includes security-audited standard policies, covering common custody requirements.

With MOCCA, adding or removing keys, modifying TSS and voting powers, integrating NFTs with special permissions, implementing specific rules for transaction categories, and more become seamlessly programmable. The use of MPC ensures keys can be refreshed or recovered, adding an extra layer of security.

Notably, MOCCA introduces the concept of Zero Knowledge smart contracts, enabling private computation. This unique feature allows MOCCA to execute privacy-preserving logic, ensuring confidentiality about which key shard initiated a transaction and maintaining secret inputs for governance voting.

In summary, Partisia Blockchain’s MOCCA stands at the forefront of innovation, offering a decentralized, fully programmable, and blockchain-agnostic custody solution. With its robust security features, genuine decentralization, and unparalleled flexibility, MOCCA is poised to redefine the landscape of digital asset custody.

Ready to Experience the Future of Digital Asset Custody?

Unlock the potential of decentralized and fully programmable multichain custody with MOCCA. If you’re eager to revolutionize the way you secure digital assets, register your interest now and be at the forefront of the blockchain evolution.

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