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Park Token: The Dog-Themed Coin Taking Crypto World by Storm

Park Token is a new approach to cryptocurrency that allows you to earn huge crypto rewards just by staking your dog tokens in a Crypto Dog Park. Join now while you’re still very early.

What is Park?

There is a fair share of meme-inspired projects along with a plethora of dog-themed ones. PARK is a token project, but it isn’t just your typical meme coin. Instead, Park is both a community-driven token and a Dapp that gives steady returns and allows anyone to reach the moon. 

What makes the project unique is that it gives the crypto dog community the ability to passively earn BUSD and reach the moon far faster than normal. Just imagine earning guaranteed BUSD rewards just by staking your $PARK tokens in the Dog Park Dapp. This is a massive upgrade from conventional exchanges that pay rewards in their own token, as all interest has a guaranteed and stable value.

This is all pretty impressive, but it doesn’t end there. As a member of the Park Token community, you get a chance to win big money every week in the weekly prize giveaways. Simply keep your tokens locked up in the Dog Park to win. 

In addition, the project will use a portion of the interest to burn the dog token of your choice with no cost to you. This means that tokens with a large circulating supply will reduce overtime – helping your entire dog community. 

Introducing the Crypto Dog Park

We’ve all seen many dog token projects fail after the initial hype dies down and most of the whales have liquidated their holdings. The reason for this trend is the lack of adequate investment options for many of these dog coins. Luckily for the Park community, the Crypto Dog Park establishes the project’s foundation.

The Dog Park is a Dapp built for crypto dog holders that provides investment options for their favorite dog tokens. It gives users the ability to invest their dog tokens into Prize-Linked Staking Accounts nicknamed “Parks” – earning users big rewards while strengthening their token’s origin communities.  

PARK Tokens

PARK is a deflationary token built on BNB Chain (formerly Binance Smart Chain). PARK has a unique deflationary tax rate system for rewarding holders as follows:

  • Passive Reflections: 4% of every transaction with PARK goes to holders. This means that just by holding PARK, you’ll see your tokens increase each day. 
  • Operational Support: 3% of every transaction with PARK goes to the developer wallet. This is used for marketing, growth, and supporting our engineers. Every 6 months this tax reduces by 0.5% until it reaches 1%.
  • Liquidity Boost: 2% of every transaction is used to bolster the liquidity pool and decrease volatility. This means PARK will steadily grow in value over time.
  • Anti-Whale: All transactions are limited to 0.1% of the total supply. This prevents big wallet holders from price manipulation.

As you can see, the tokenomics are set up so that for each type of transaction (either buy or sell), tax is collected and redistributed to different sections of the operations and as rewards to holders. You stand to earn massively from these transactions, so it pays to HODL – the more you hold, the more you will earn in taxes.

Join Park Token and Reach the Moon Faster

Park Token is a DeFi token project that allows the dog token community to earn crypto while buying and staking PARK within the Dog Park Dapp. The PARK token is directly correlated to your BUSD earning potential. The more you have, the more you can earn. The launch is coming up very soon, so make sure to get in on the action ASAP. Don’t be left out because Park Token is going to the moon!

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