In today’s world of innovation and technology, the demand for digital marketing is growing. Here, is the man Paras Gola who has started his company “YNB Digital media”. After, spending lots of years in his research related to the digital industry. He has put his soul and heart to gather information regarding the strategy and the tools that are used in the market to enhance the result of the company. Now, he has started his own company to help the other companies to grow. 

As digital marketing is growing the opportunity will also develop in the future. He wants to educate people about the future opportunity in digital media. Through which he is going to conduct free workshops regarding digital marketing and skills to develop public relation skills because both go in hand in hand. After that, it will depend on the client whether he wants to continue the service or not.

He is in this industry from the year 2015. He has 6 years of field experience. Work for more than 100+ clients beats YouTuber, cooperate, Bollywood celebrities startups and belonging to different industries. Till now he has given free advice to so many individuals and start-ups. And help them to grow in their businesses. 

Now, he will use his experience of so many years to guide the freshers, startups and his clients and guide them the way to techniques that how digital market will help them to grow their business. He will also guide the people on how to do public relation how to approach the client and how they provide them with their services.

Digital marketing will help to grow the business but PR is also an important pillar of growing the company and helps to create a brand value in the market. Build the links and contact that would enhance the company and create the connection with the media. To explain this further more in detail he has also published some books related to the basic of digital marketing and Public relation which have some basic tricks and tips to build you business and helps do the marketing in right direction.

As traditional marketing is good but in today’s world innovation and technologies, demand and need digital marketing as it’s a growing sector as it will help to gather of audience and generate traffic more than traditional marketing and helps to grow the business and helps in generating the leads for you. PR services enhance the company and create a connection with the media.

Well, considering the ways to improve and grow your startup then you need the proper learning and guidance of the digital market and strategies. It will bring ample result, which includes better visibility, and improved credibility. Overall, digital marketing and public relations services will lead to more sales and better as well as higher revenue potential for your company.

Where comes the role of Paras Gola ” YNB DIgital media” who will help startups to provide learning and services that includes how to run an advertisement campaign on social media, google ads services, SEO, how to implement pr strategies, lead generation for sales, email marketing here is the company who will help you grow the business.

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