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Paragon Strap System: An innovative, modular, and customizable organization system

Toolkit organization is a concept that dates back to more than a million years ago in Ethiopia. With a rising need to structure and organize tools and objects, the stone kits evolved with the passage of time. Today, technology has made it almost impossible to walk around without a carrier bag as multiple tools and devices are required by the people on a daily basis.

Although several inventions have kept tools and devices organized, most of them have not been up to standard. Some have failed the flexibility and functionality tests, and others are not durable. All those factors are essential requirements for any organization system because the tools vary in shape, size, and weight.

Due to an increase in demand for organizational systems that sufficiently fulfilled the job, the Paragon Strap System was created as an innovative kit delivering a high-quality organizational system. With this perfect tool kit, gadgets, objects, and work tools are easy to arrange and carry. The kit can carry a variety of tools, thanks to the wide capacity and high-end quality storage.

The components used to build the organization system are highly durable, and allow frequent use without wear and tear. The versatility makes it convenient to manage any tool, ensuring their safety and ease of transportation at all times.

The Paragon Strap System’s strap module can attach to itself, making it easy to stack objects and save space. The design allows rearranging and readjusting of the straps as required. The elastic bands increase flexibility and allow easy consolidation of numerous objects. Strapping the tools makes them immobile and ensures safety during transportation. The simple design transforms the kit into an easily manageable tool.

The Paragon Strap System is available on Kickstarter for interested investors to make contributions to the project.

When Garrett Gee, the founder of the Paragon Strap System gave birth to this solution, he intended to transform lives by helping people organize their essential items in one place. He said, “This innovative solution will change the way you store and organize your everyday gear.” Owner of an e-commerce cyber security store, Gee used his years of experience in creating things to transform and organize lives.

Gee’s innovation is changing the way people organize their daily tools. It allows people with the ability to pack their essential items into one single organization kit. The ease of use, flexibility, and high durability associated with the system makes it one of the best things to have for personal use. Also, the Paragon Strap System offers style, versatility, protection of objects round the clock and zero worries, unlike the competitors.

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