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Paradise for Green Panthers

Highlight those upcoming special Christmas-y days with cute candy cane stickers on the calendar lying on your office tables as you plan to visit this archipelago Langkawi which is an assemblage of one hundred and four islands. Take a ride on the Langkawi Sky Cable with those Langkawi Cable Car ticket which is an aeriform link between the Oriental Village and Langkawi Sky Bridge. Explore the animal kingdom with the 99 Wonderland Park Ticket as you visit different zones of the park, especially 99 Wild Island a park with an öpen zoo “ concept which gives you a rare chance to befriend the animals here. Visit the Datran Lang with a sculpture of an eagle standing erect in the centre of the square. Make the vacation more memorable as you visit the most renowned petting zoos of Malaysia the Farm in the City. Visit the family-friendly Underwater World the most giant aquarium in Malaysia with two hundred plus marine and freshwater species with a 3D theatre and an underwater tunnel. The next spotlight attraction is the Crocodile Adventureland situated in the Atma Alam Batik Village which is divided into different sections of ponds which is a natural habitat for the crocs to procreate. Enjoy a fun-filled trip to the picture-perfect waterfall of Telaga Tujuh Waterfall which has many natural pools.

Langkawi Cable Car

Click the QR Code of the Langkawi Sky Cab with the advanced booked Langkawi Cable Car Ticket. Situated at the Oriental Village in the northwest of Langkawi island is the cable car which takes its passengers to Mount Mat Cincang which is the second-highest peak in Langkawi and was inaugurated on 1st November 2002. The cable car has three stations -base, middle and top station. The length of the cable is 4400 metres and is covered in a maximum of fifteen minutes if you opt for a round trip it takes a total of twenty-eight minutes. The Gondola cablecar can carry six passengers as the rides frequent between half an hour. From the top station, you can see the engineering marvel Langkawi Skybridge which is a curved suspension bridge. Take a two-kilometre walk along the Sky trail as you descend towards the middle station where you enjoy a ten-minute show of the galaxy with the aid of twelve projectors at the 11-metre full-dome theatre the Skydome.

99 Wonderland Park

The level of fun gets a new definition with the 99 Wonderland Park Ticket. This amazing beauty is located in Selangor and happens to be a wildlife park which is sprawled across twenty-five acres of land and around thirty-four attractions all in one place.99 Wonderland Park also called the Wildlife in the City is developed by the JL 99 Group. If you are Paleontologist or a bidding one visit 99 Dinosaur Park. Enjoy a fangirl or fanboy moment as you are awestruck with the two tyrannosaurus standing tall at the height of three metres and bringing to life the movie “Jurrasic Park “.Walk the Magical Bridge with your better halves as you enjoy the view of the lovelocks.99 Wild Island is an open zoo where visitors can interact with the inhabitants. Saltwater Crocodiles welcome you at their humble abode at 99 Buaya Tembaga. Get to know about the Malayan Sun Bear which is the smallest species of the bear kingdom. Visit the Giant Aligator Gar Fish which is around four feet tall and weighs around fifty kilos at the 99 Monster Fish zone.

Langkawi SkyBridge

Visit the Langkawi Bridge as you avail those Langkawi Cable Car ticket. This is a man-made wonder which is set at a height of seven hundred metres above the ground. Langkawi SkyBridge has a length of 125 metres long and the amazing part is it is a “curved suspension “bridge. The view is amazing as you get to see Mount Mat Cinchang along the Telaga Tujuh Waterfalls and also the encompassing rainforest. The bridge can be reached easily via SkyCab.Take a ride on the SkyGlide which is an elevator which halts at the foot of the sky but those who want to burn some extra calories on the trip can take a ten-minute walk on the jungle trail to reach the bridge. The sturdy bridge has the capacity to hold around two hundred and fifty visitors as it covers an area of five hundred square metres. A little bit of trivia about the bridge is that the Bollywood movie Don was shot here.

Underwater World

With the reserved 99 Wonderland Park Ticket it’s time to visit the largest aquarium of Southeast Asia the Underwater World or the UWL. The aquarium is situated at the southern end of Pantai Cenang. The UWL is the permanent postal address of around four thousand marine animals and spans around sixty thousand square feet. The Underwater World has three sections called the Sub Antarctic, Tropical and Temperate.

1)Sub Antarctic – The popular section is more of a “penguin aquarium “ than an aquarium and is famous for its Rockhopper penguins as the name itself is self-explanatory because of their innate habit to jump from one rock to another.

2)Tropical Rainforest- What you see here is an amazing collection of tropical rainforest animals like the Marmoset which is the smallest monkey with a minimum height of seven to twelve inches. The various birds present here are flamingoes, Mandarin ducks and black swans. The marine life of this section includes snapping turtles, knife fish and tinfoil barbs.

3)Temperate-Get a feel of South America and Africa as you see the fur seals perform daily while performing tricks like jumping through a ring and mimicking various postures. As the visitors walk through the eight-metre-long tunnel they can see African penguins enjoying a swim above.

Dataran Lang

Drop by this famous photo spot with the Langkawi Cable Car Ticket. Dataran Lang is the renowned Eagle Square which is a man-made architectural wonder. The huge sculpture of an eagle is erected in the centre of a star-shaped plaza which lies on Kuah Bay. The eagle with its spread wings has an amazing height of twelve metres and seems ready to take flight. There are many small villas and beautiful houses in the nearby area which are known for their alluring terracotta terraces and fruit orchards with beautiful fountains as well as well-designed bridges which add to the beauty of the island. The best time to visit this attraction is during the early morning and evening and stay a little longer to enjoy the colourful lights at night.

Crocodile Adventureland

With the 99 Wonderland Park Ticket visit the Crocodile Adventureland. The Crocodile Adventureland is situated on Teluk Datai Bay. The park is dedicated to these predators with four thousand crocodiles which can be easily spotted basking in the sun with a toothy smile. The wildlife park shows the warmth of these cold-blooded reptiles. There are around one thousand crocodiles which are residents of different pools. The Bridge Pond displays the crocodile feeding show whereas the Juvenile Crocodile Pond has crocodiles where age group is between two to three years. It’s time to see the “wild side “ of the crocs who jump to catch their food at the Hooking Pond. At the gift shop, the visitors can buy T-shirts, mugs, key chains and postcards.

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