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Paper Straw Market Expected to Witness Significant Growth Owing to Rising Food Outlets & Decomposable Nature of Product

Paper straws have become a common feature in several food and beverages chain, where they are used to consume different type of drinks. Rising number of food outlets and eateries due to the increasing population is the key growth driver for the global paper straws market. Also, rapid urbanization in a few countries worldwide has also fueled the paper straws demand and helped in the growth of the overall paper straws market.

Paper straws are manufactured using recyclable and biodegradable paper and wax, both of whom are harmless to the environment and are plant-based products and as a result, have been preferred over plastic straws.

Paper straws are produced using three plies of paper, which are bonded together with the help of a water-based adhesive. The raw materials are then put through a core-winding machine, by using a slot nozzle machine.

The selection of paper and the adhesive is crucial to produce a high-quality, long-lasting paper straw, which could contribute to the overall growth of the paper straw market.

 Decomposable Nature of Paper Straws Could Help Propel Product Demand in Future

The other benefit of using paper straws over plastic straws is they are decomposable and this aspect of paper straws has helped drive product demand and, in turn, grow the overall market, as well.

A few countries worldwide have imposed a ban on plastic use. This decision has led to an increase in demand for paper straws, which are more eco-friendly in nature, and bolstered the growth of the overall paper straws market, as well.

Paper straws have a greater scope for customization, especially in terms of color and visual appeal. This aspect of paper straws could fuel product demand and propel the overall paper straws in the coming years.

Paper straws are available in various shapes and sizes and this could be a key factor, in helping fuel product demand in the coming years and propelling the overall paper straws market.

The sale of paper straws in physical retail stores has been critical to the overall growth of the paper straws market, as well.

Rhino Paper Straws Witness High Demand Owing to High-Pressure Resistance, Gluten-Free Nature

Among all paper straw products, rhino paper straws have witnessed a rise in demand in the last few years owing to its biodegradable nature.

The rhino paper straws are manufactured using high-quality paper and can withstand any type of pressure for approximately four hours. These straws are also gluten-free in nature and this factor has helped increase the overall demand for the product.

The increased demand for rhino paper straws will have a positive effect on the overall paper straws market as well.

Soggyness to Paper Straws Could Affect Product Demand

While paper straws do have their benefits, they have their disadvantages as well. One of them is they can become soggy when kept in a drink for a long time period.

In some cases, paper straws could be coated with wax and film coating and these products could be difficult to decompose.

While paper straws are eco-friendly, they are more expensive than plastic straws and this feature of them could have a negative impact on product demand. Paper straws have also been found to be less durable in nature, than plastic straws.

The global paper straw market players are expected to focus on research and development activities in a bid to produce eco-friendly paper straw products, which overcome the above drawbacks.

The launch of the novel paper straw products could help these players gain an edge over their competitors and help in their long-term growth.

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