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Paper Gummed Tape Market Trends, Revenue, Demand and Share by Company, Development

Paper Gummed Tape Market

A Market Overview of Paper Gummed Tape— Over other types of packing tape, paper gummed tape, also known as water-activated tape or WAT, offers advantages such as better security, professional one-strip seal, speedier application, and branding opportunities.

Paper gummed tape is widely used in applications such as carton sealing, box sealing, bag sealing, wrapping and decoration, and other similar tasks, and it is also much easier to use than plastic packaging tape. The increasing need for safe and secure packing during transportation, as well as an increase in the e-commerce industry, are likely to drive up sales of paper gummed tape in the market.

Paper gummed tape is also commonly used for packaging a wide range of products in e-commerce, shipping & logistics, and warehousing services. The global market for paper gummed tape is predicted to be favorable able over the forecast period, owing to steady demand from these end-users.

What Role Does E-Commerce Play in the Market for Paper Gummed Tape?

In the worldwide e-commerce sector, the increased demand for safe and secure product packaging to minimize product damage is accelerating the sales of paper gummed tape. Paper gummed tape is also in high demand in the e-commerce industry because it provides better tamper-proofing and is more cost-effective and protective than plastic tapes.

What is the main trend in the market for paper gummed tape sales?

Top global producers are introducing eco-friendly tapes with personalization, which is helping to promote the product’s long-term viability. Paper gummed tapes are more environmentally friendly than plastic tapes since they can be easily recycled. However, in the foreseeable years, the market is predicted to rise due to the sustainability trend taken by manufacturers and industrial end-users.

What strategies are the major players doing to expand their market share in the paper-backed tape market?

To survive and compete in the market, significant firms use a variety of methods such as product launches, mergers and acquisitions, and innovation.

Fujian Jialong Adhesive Tape Co., Ltd released a product called Kraft paper tape in October 2020, which provides great sealing and packaging strength at a cheap price.

Why would the Asia Pacific market for paper gummed tape generate significant demand?

In the e-commerce business, East and South Asia are the fastest developing markets. The e-commerce business has exploded in this region, as has the demand for protective and secure product packaging, which is fueling the expansion of paper gummed tape.


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