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Pandiana, A Meme Utility Token on Solana, Raises $500,000 In A Strategic Pre-Seed Round

Pandiana, A Meme Utility Token on Solana, Raises $500,000 In A Strategic Pre-Seed Round

Pandiana, the latest meme-infused utility token on the Solana blockchain, is excited to announce the successful closure of a $500,000 pre-seed funding round. 

This investment, led by a consortium of strategic angel investors from the web3 space, led by web3 investors like Gatereon Ventures, YNK Capital & Alphaequity Capital.

This marks a significant milestone in the project’s journey to integrate playful meme culture with substantive blockchain utility.

The funding was secured through a Simple Agreement for Future Tokens (SAFT), involving the sale of Pandiana’s $PNDA tokens

These tokens are central to the upcoming play-to-earn game and other ecosystem utilities Pandiana is developing.

With this raise, Pandiana is set to expand its reach and capabilities within the vibrant Solana community.

Strategic Growth and Presale Launch

The Pandiana team is gearing up to kickstart its presale on Thursday, July 4th, 2024, at 4 PM UTC, aiming to raise 10,000 SOL over 60 days by selling 40% of the token supply.

This phase offers early investors a unique opportunity to be part of Pandiana’s pioneering project at an advantageous entry point.

“The enthusiasm and confidence from our investors are overwhelming,” stated Matt Taylor, Pandiana’s lead developer. “With this funding, we are better equipped to develop our play-to-earn platform and enhance community engagement through innovative blockchain solutions.”

Tokenomics and Investment Opportunity

Pandiana sets itself apart with a tightly capped token supply of 10 million $PNDA, ensuring rarity and value retention.

The allocation is designed to support the ecosystem’s growth and reward the community:

Presale Allocation: 40% (4,000,000 PNDA) with no vesting, available during the presale.

Team & Advisors: 15% (1,500,000 PNDA) with a 6-month cliff from DEX listing, then a linear release over 24 months.

Ecosystem & Development: 5% (500,000 PNDA) supports continuous innovation, with a 6-month cliff post-TGE, then released over 24 months.

Play-to-Earn Rewards: 15% (1,500,000 PNDA), locked until the game’s release, to be distributed as in-game rewards.

Staking Rewards: 12% (1,200,000 PNDA), with details on emissions to be announced.

Liquidity Pool: 10% (1,000,000 PNDA) fully locked and burnt to stabilize and secure market liquidity.

Airdrop & Marketing: 3% (300,000 PNDA) to fuel promotional activities and community engagement post-DEX listing.

Become A Pandiana Early Bird

Interested investors and crypto enthusiasts are encouraged to join the Pandiana Telegram and Discord channels to receive instant notifications as the presale launches and to stay updated on all developments.

About Pandiana

Pandiana is more than just a Solana-based meme token; it’s a potential moonshot project designed to merge the fun of memes with the lucrative world of play-to-earn gaming.

By leveraging Solana’s high throughput and low transaction costs, Pandiana provides a seamless and rewarding experience for its community.

Looking ahead, Pandiana is not just setting up to be a fleeting trend. With strategic plans for its move-to-earn game and a community-focused approach, it is poised to maintain long-term relevance and utility.

Stay Connected With Pandiana

Join us in this groundbreaking journey to establish Pandiana as a top contender in the Solana ecosystem.

With a solid foundation and a clear vision, Pandiana is all set to be the next big meme coin with real utility.





Contact:Matt Taylor


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