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PandaInu Meme Token Will Ranked Top Dapp Wallet on BSC.

PandaInu is a new Meme token in decentralized finance space. PandaInu is the safest panda around the DeFi world. Most ready for the moon spaceship! PandaInu hates the rug, he bites them good until his humans throw them away. PandaInu is the faster because of BSC vitamins!

Welcome to the PandaInu community-based decentralized finance Dapp Ecosystem!

PandaInu is the first meme token which supports NFT farming with Panda Wallet. The $PWT token is community of Etherconnect & EIFI Finance. It is original Non-governance token. PWT will be used to incentivize community members in liquidity mining, airdrop, stake, DAO and Panda Dapp Wallet transaction fees. PandaInu is a world largest Community-driven Meme token because of backed by world’s most promising currency ECC and EIFI token. PandaInu will reach to the top BSC Daily list in next few more weeks.

As per the core team this milestone will achieve before the on October 2021, 1st week and represents a significant development for the Meme token in the worldwide space. Very soon PandaInu will overtake popular BSC DeFi protocols like PancakeSwap and Launch Zone to lead the list with EIFI Finance Dex platform. This will represents the first time that Panda will top the daily list compiled by the popular BSC analysis platform.

PandaInu Dapp Wallet is a metric that helps to secure your transaction and digital assets with the collective hashing ledgers, and overall visibility of a Panda Dapp ecosystem. BSC DeFi gauges the popularity of a project by analyzing the number of engagements garnered on platforms like Trust wallet, Token pocket, Tronlink, and Dapp Wallets.

This major milestone shows that the PandaInu ecosystem is growing with awareness building on different Dapp platforms. Other catalysts will contributed to his popularity of PandaInu in next upcoming months. The PandaInu Meme token has a community of over 0.3 Million members worldwide on Telegram, Twitter, and 24 communities on different social platforms.

PandaInu A Unique Meme token (PWT)

PandaInu is a community-driven Dapp wallet token developed by core team members of the Etherconnect. PandaInu improves on Dogecoin & ShibaInu with new, improved transaction speeds and better features. It is built on the Binance Smart Chain, and users can leverage faster block speeds and cheaper transaction fees on the PandaInu ecosystem.

The PandaInu Meme token is hyper-deflationary with an integrated smart staking & Farming system designed to reward community members. It also provides new concepts within the Meme token ecosystem, including NFTs, decentralized marketplace, and credit card payments on its platform very soon.

The core products within the PandaInu ecosystem include Panda Dapp Wallet, PandaInu pay, , and Panda NFTs. PandaInu is an innovative decentralized finance wallet ecosystem that allows users to secure the digital currency and allow users to increase the revenue in between different tokens. The Panda wallet platform deploys low transaction fees and slippages for any token transactions.

The PandaInu Wallet is the native wallet that will allow users to track their rewards and also store their assets securely. In addition, it also enables users to use their wallet to purchase cryptocurrencies directly from EIFI Finance Dex platform and other Dex platform also. PandaInu NFTs will allow users to create and list their NFTs also.

PandaInu is a native token PWT powers the PandaInu ecosystem. PWT is a BEP-20 token that serves as a utility and governance token for the PandaInu ecosystem. The token is designed to reward community members, and for every transaction, a 5% transaction fee is distributed to existing holders. This ensures that long-term holders are rewarded for holding PWT in their portfolios.

PandaInu Key Milestones achieved

PandaInu is going to launch in August 2021. And it will achieve to major milestones within the crypto industry less than a month after launch, PWT will have more than 1,50,000 holders globally and has secured listings on Coingecko and CoinMarketCap.

PandaInu will have partnered with top crypto exchange in near future. As part of the partnership exchanges will be listing PWT/USDT pairs on their platform. In addition, the PandaInu team has also revealed that they are working on several products that will be launched in the coming months. At the time of publication, PandaInu is planning to create a fully diluted market cap more than $100 million within the Launch the Public Sale and it will rank to top 500+ on the coin rankings at the CoinMarketCap. To learn more about PandaInu, visit the website,


In order to incentivize early PandaInu supporters, PWT will open its presale at their official website very soon. The Presale is the minimum price that retail investors can buy from market. The lower price you pay, the more you earn. Participate in the presale and earn more!

PWT is a new cryptocurrency which is 100% powered by the worldwide community. There is no team distribution, no institutional investors, with PWT fully distributed to the community members.

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