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Pacman 30th Anniversary || Best Amazing Facts

Pacman 30th Anniversary

Hello friends and yes we are back again with another interesting dossier of facts, trivia, and information. Today we will be helping you learn more about one of your favorite games, Pacman. Recently Pacman fans celebrated the Pacman 30th anniversary of this game. 

The fact that the game had survived such a long duration of three decades suggests the greatness of Pacman, which is the first GUI-based game to have surfaced in the world of video games and triggered the ultimate revolution of the gaming industry. 

Let’s not waste any more time as we move ahead with today’s article and get acquainted with Pacman and its history.  

History of Pacman

Pacman is a video game which is based on the maze action genre and was developed in 1980 by Namco for arcades. The games went under development in 1979 and it took roughly a year to be published. 

The game received widespread attention with commercial success, merchandise, and 2 TV series based on the game. 

The main character of the game is also the official mascot of Bandai Namco entertainment. 

How To Play Pacman: A Guide to Help you Through

Pacman is not much played nowadays and if you are a 90’s kid you would need a guide on how to play this game. 

The gameplay of Pacman is very simple as a player one needs to traverse the character Pacman which has a head shaped pizza with a slice cut off through a maze collecting points and avoiding ghosts to get killed and losing one out of 3 lives. 

If all 3 lives are lost the game ends else you keep collecting points and cross the threshold of points to go to the next level

With each level, the difficulty of collecting points is increased and ghosts chasing to kill Pacman increases and hence making the game more interesting as one progresses from one level to another. 

Pacman 30th anniversary How the World Celebrated

Games with great graphics and better visuals have been on the rise and it led to games like Pacman dwindling in the horizons of the gaming landscape, however, nostalgia and old memories got stirred up as the world celebrated Pacman’ 30  anniversary with the hope to revamp and relaunch the game with some tweaks in its gameplay. 

Google made its presence felt with a google doodle and a game one can play with a new addition of multiplayer mode game as one can traverse the game along with a friend as it added another character Miss Pacman. 

So all those who have not played this wonderful game got an opportunity to enjoy this wonderful game at no cost at all. 

Final Words…

Hopefully, you enjoyed reading about one of the oldest video games one can remember which became quite a sensation during its prime days. 

We now come to an end to this article on Pacman’s 30th anniversary.  

We always aim to keep our readers acquainted with the latest happenings from all over the world and we promise to be back soon with new articles soon. 

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