P2PS Launches Website With New Look, UI and UX

Peer to Peer Solutions Foundation, commonly abbreviated to P2PSF is a blockchain powered peer to peer secure portal through which users on the system can exchange confidential digital assets and sensitive files with one another with the assurance of an interference-free gateway. P2PS is the world’s first ever decentralized solutions system on the blockchain, notable use cases of the solutions system are seen in government and defence, digital education, healthcare, banking, and finance etc.

What does the new website look like?

The new P2PS website is designed to offer users a crypto friendly experience with improved navigation and functionality. Please Browse & Explore it here:

The P2PS website is built on a simple and easy to navigate interface. The website is divided into various subsections, including the roadmap, token sale, statistical data and team overview. The website is under active management and is regularly updated to keep the users afloat on new developments concerning the platform.

The new website now makes it easier for many other languages outside English;  Indonesian, Japanese, Filipino and more to navigate and engage with the platform.

How transparent is the team?

The P2PS Foundation is an independent body governed by the Foundation Council. The team is headed by Jameel Shariff – the CEO, Dr Waleed Aloriny – COO and Ben M. Seger – CTO. The team consists of well grounded and accomplished professionals who aim to provide nothing but the absolute best for investors in the P2PS platform. The P2PS team is fully operational and responsive on social media, offering investors and potential investors transparent and open access to every new development in the project. The team can be reached on various social networking platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn, Telegram, BTCtalk, and Medium.

Latest Updates on the P2PS Team.

1) P2PS Advisor Dennis O’Neill Interviewed on CEO Money.

P2PS Advisor Dennis O’Neill from O’Neill Capital Advisors was interviewed by Michael Yorba on CEO Money Business Talk Show from WF News1; Explains Reasons for Selecting P2PS & other ICOs

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2) P2PS MVP/Prototype evaluated, acknowledged and approved by ICObench.

P2PS MVP/Prototype has been evaluated, acknowledged and approved by ICObench and P2PS has received full positive rating. P2PS ratings by Benchy now are back to 4.9/5.

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Where is the Whitepaper?

The P2PS whitepaper is a thorough and complete evaluation of the Solutions Foundation. The 36 pages all-encompassing review was published in December 2017 by the P2PS team. It is very comprehensive, a fact that is obvious in the report with each analysis supported by facts and pictorial illustrations – in graphs, charts, and tables in some cases. From the general trends and conditions to an in-depth review of the P2PS token to a well-written overview of the team members, the whitepaper is as extensive as one can be. It ends with a list of references of all the cited works used to support the claims in the report. Click here to download the P2Ps Whitepaper:

Is the ICO showing signs of regulatory compliance?

P2PS is holding an ICO with the goal of raising funds to develop a secure communications system. The second phase of the public crowdsale of P2PS tokens, an ERC20 compliant token of the Ethereum network designed to be used by members on the platform, is live. The ICO began on April 2nd 2018 and is set to end on the 31st of May 2018 with the tokens priced at 250 P2PS to 1 ETH.

Click here to see details on how to buy the P2Ps Token.

The ICO of P2PS tokens is KYC/ AML (Know Your Customer/Anti Money Laundering) compliant. This means that all investors on the platform must pass the KYC/AML checks to claim the tokens they purchased during the ICO. The KYC check is to ensure that investors are not restricted persons neither are they purchasing the tokens on behalf of restricted persons. In this case, restricted persons are U.S. citizens or entities. The AML check is used to ensure that the investors do not use the ICO for illegal activities including money laundering. The KYC/AML compliance is a contributing factor to the overall success of the ICO.

How disputable are the company’s claims?

P2PS Foundation makes a pretty solid and indisputable claim of being the ‘world’s first secure interference-free communications system’. Although the P2P Solutions Foundation wasn’t founded until September of 2017, the concept, which started off as a Push System protocol was founded by a research and development corporation in the U.S. known as Innovative Solutions International Inc. established seven years prior in 2010. The P2PS token is the supporting framework needed to utilize the Push System protocol.

How clear is the roadmap?

P2PS Foundation presents an all-inclusive and comprehensive roadmap giving precise dates and details of the project from the creation of Innovative Solutions International Inc., on the 16th of February 2010 to the 31st of March 2019, the proposed date when all users on the platform would have been completely transitioned to the blockchain. When the second phase of the P2PS token ICO is concluded, the next stage of the roadmap involves the blockchain integration which is set to proceed immediately afterward on that same day – the 31st of May 2018.


P2PS Foundation introduces economic value to the secure communication system, one absolutely free of interference. Considering how rampant data breaches and hacks have become, the security of digital assets has become more necessary than ever. Thus, the Peer to Peer Solutions Foundation project is more relevant and valuable now than ever.

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