P2PS Airdrop Bounty is Now Live – What is P2PS?

P2PS is an ERC20 token based on the Ethereum blockchain. It is a gateway that provides access to making transactions on a secure, interference-free and peer-to-peer communication systems platform, used by the government in delivering services related to a wide array of industries, including but not limited to pharmaceuticals, government, banking and financial, digital education and delivery, and much more.

Developed by the P2P Solutions Foundation team, it acts as a replacement for the conventional license and transaction fees that are usually paid by service providers as well as customers on peer-to-peer networks and e-commerce platforms.

P2PS is the first secure peer-to-peer digital communications platform that makes use of blockchain technology and is completely free of any form of interference. It was designed to cater for people who need to send and exchange digital data (such as medical records, digital data, financial information, classified government information, etc.) in a secure and interference-free environment. The rationale behind such an establishment is to provide a medium for people to securely and seamlessly transfer confidential files. The developers saw that such a platform was non-existent, and this was what spurred the establishment of P2PS.

Over the years, the applications of P2PS will go into a wide array of industries, including but not limited to medical and pharmaceuticals, government and defense, banking and financial operations, and other corporate sectors of the country’s economy.

The P2PS Token and ICO

The P2PS token is the official token designed for users of the P2PS platform to make use of. Its primary function is to provide assistance with making transactions on the decentralized and secure platform.

Due to the fact that the P2PS token is an ERC20 cryptocurrency token and a smart contract based on the Ethereum blockchain, it will be easy for users to transfer it between themselves. Platforms can also easily share these tokens with the use of ERC-20 compatible wallets. It is also pretty easy for users of the platform to integrate these tokens into exchanges as well.

The purpose of the ICO is to provide users with a system that will enable them to exchange digital assets and files that are deemed confidential in an environment that is completely free of any form of interference from a third party. As a matter of fact, the transaction channel is so secure that not even administrators are able to see the details of transactions being carried out.

P2PS tokens will be used on a wide array of platforms and although it is currently in the immediate stage, the use of P2PS tokens is expected to extend from the United States to other parts of North America as well as the Middle East in the not too distant future. It is also anticipated that in the few years to come, these tokens will proliferate, multiply and go on to command a large share in the global crypto asset market.

P2PS Airdrop Bounty is Now Live! To join the bounty, please visit this page:

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