P2E NFT Autobattler ZiberBugs to scale up production and budget


ZiberBugs is a Play-to-Earn autobattler based on the Cardano blockchain, where players use their own NFTs to fight each other or the environment in challenging raids. Based in a fictional universe where evolution has run rampant, forcing the creatures to provide entirely for themselves, several different bug races battle it out for supremacy. 

Three races have established themselves as the top of the food chain:

  • Beetles
  • Flyers
  • Arachnids 

The Cardano blockchain was chosen by the team for its dedication to security and scalability, which is where all the player tokens and NFTs will be stored. The team at ZiberBugs have seen infinite possibilities combining blockchain technology with gaming such as asset possession being irrefutably stored on the blockchain for the entire community to witness.

Their Vision

Having seen rampant growth in the NFT and Crypto gaming sphere, the team at ZiberBugs knew they could create what many have tried and failed to. A functioning Play-to-Earn game, without comprising gameplay mechanics or graphics, with direct NFT compatibility, tying their two passions tightly together; Gaming and Cryptocurrency.

Choosing to implement Play-to-Earn mechanisms into the core of their ZiberBugs gameplay catalyzed the path towards their ultimate vision: Bridging the gap between professional and amateur, to increase the raw number of gamers who can accomplish their dream of becoming a professional gamer. In the emerging NFT gaming space, they see a growth of professionals living out a reality that, without Play-to-Earn, could seem impossible to achieve. 

ZiberBugs will be a cross-platform game operating on Desktops, Tablets and Smartphones so all gamers have access. Their ambitions of cross-platform compatibility are aimed towards community building and rewarding the most skilled players across the board and prominent figures in the ecosystem. 

The Path

To achieve such an ambitious goal, the ZiberBugs team drew on their experiences from early time in the crypto-gaming sphere. Almost immediately, they quickly realized they no longer wanted to be a small indie company, they wanted to shake up the entire space. 

For such ambitious objectives, ZiberBugs needed an overhaul:

To attract prominent venture capitalists in the Crypto-gaming space, they completely revamped their project structure, almost doubling the team size and raising their Pre-IDO fully diluted market capitalization accordingly – from $12m to $30m. High-budget game development will help in not only creating a more professional product, but a multitude of other ways:

  • Attracting prominent investors in the space
  • Reducing the private sale allocation to 10%, down from 24%, giving more room for rewards
  • Rewarding early $ZIBER enthusiasts

Furthermore, their improved budget allows them to commit everything they have at achieving their vision, ensuring only the best art, gameplay mechanics and features are implemented. The team is sparing no expense on game development, quoted as saying ‘’We are no longer playing for a share of the market. We are playing to own the market’’. 

What To Look Out For

As ZiberBugs pushes for further equity and token investments, there have been a series of announcements and changes to the games roadmap. Initially intending to release a beta in 2022, their new release date is 2023, boasting a fully immersive 3-Dimensional experience. Massive production and budget increases have allowed the team access to the best equipment and software, to create the best crypto gaming project on the market. 

Additionally, ZiberBugs has recently released a full gameplay reveal, rendered in 2D, as a starter showcase of what’s to come. On top of this, the team has announced, in their latest progress report, production of the first NFT art that will be used throughout the Ziber ecosystem. 

The crypto-gaming space is constantly evolving, and so is ZiberBugs. Hoping to release in 2023, they aim to be one of, if not the biggest, crypto-gaming project out there.

Read all about their entire revamp here, and keep up to date via their Twitter!

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