Oxford city football club will accept Bitcoin payments

Oxford city football club will accept Bitcoin payments

On August 6, the first day of the professional soccer championships, a National League team called Oxford City will make history by letting its fans use Bitcoin to buy tickets, food, drinks, and merchandise for the team. Something like this will never have happened before in the sport’s history. Bitcoin Bank Breaker platform will help you get started with bitcoin trading.

The English National League team Oxford City FC has said that it will accept Bitcoin as payment for game tickets. This new thing came about because the football team and CoinCorner worked together. Oxford City is the first team in the National League to sell tickets and merchandise for games with bitcoin.

During a game, there are places inside the stadium where people can buy tickets, food, and drinks. Still, you can pay for things at the club with cash or a credit card. By using the Lightning network and getting help from CoinCorner, Oxford City has been able to speed up transactions for its customers.

The Bolt Card from CoinCorner is another way for fans to pay at home and away games. CoinCorner made a small number of Bolt trading cards with the Oxford City FC logo and colours as a thank-you for working together. It has already been said that the cards can be bought at the club’s store. The CoinCorner Bolt Card is the first way to start a Bitcoin transaction without having to be in the same place.

Because of the partnership, CoinCorner now pays for the Oxford City men’s soccer team to wear their uniforms. Last week, Oxford Fc showed off their new uniforms. On the back of the men’s uniform was the CoinCorner logo. The Bitcoin Logo will be on the home and away kits that Oxford City FC will wear next season. This is a big deal. CoinCorner will be the main sponsor for this weekend’s home game between Oxford City FC and Eastbourne Borough as part of the deal.

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Crawley Town announced last week that they had signed three new players. After the votes were counted based on the NFT, this was done. Some people in the club are now interested in cryptocurrencies because of things that have happened recently. Since then, the club has done several things related to cryptocurrencies, like making a collection of club NFTs.

During this, Danny Scott, CEO of CoinCorner, said that his company and Oxford City FC worked well together. The CEO says that both companies plan and develop new ways to do things. Scott was so happy that Oxford City FC would be the first team in the National League to take bitcoin payments.

The CEO thinks the work will show other teams in the English football league how to do things right. Scott said that the football business had had trouble accepting cryptocurrency in the past. The CEO decided that the Bolt card would make it easier for people to start making quick transactions and get more people to do the same.

Justin Merritt, the head football coach at Oxford City, thinks that more and more people are beginning to use Bitcoin. Merritt used an example to show that more and more people are learning about Bitcoin’s benefits. The leader of the club talked about how everyone needs to work together. Merritt has clarified that the move will help the club grow and give fans better game time.

The London-based Chelsea team will wear an app called WhaleFin on their sleeves next season. The Atletico Madrid soccer team in Spain will get money from the same app. One of soccer’s biggest cryptocurrency sponsorship deals is this one with a Premier League club. Every year, the deal is worth £20 million.

Everton and Crystal Palace have signed contracts with Socios that show how their fan tokens will be distributed. The team’s new sponsor is Fbs, a trading platform based in Cyprus that focuses on cryptocurrency. The club just signed a new sponsorship deal with FBS. Liverpool has only just started adding its own NFTs to OpenSea.

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