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Overview of the TOP-3 best ambassador programs

ambassador programs

Every year more and more cryptocurrency projects appear. Someone creates their own payment systems, someone expands the capabilities of the blockchain , integrating it into the daily life of ordinary users. Hundreds if not thousands of such projects appear every year. So they need attention. In this case, ambassador programs are used.

What is the point?

Ambassador programs are needed to recruit a team of specialists who will help promote the project among ordinary users. Their task is to explain and interest people in their project. Some startups pay real money for this, others in cryptocurrencies .

The tasks of the ambassadors vary, depending on the project. However, the goal is the same – to attract as many people as possible. If they talk about the project, then investors will also be interested.

TOP 3 best ambassador programs

So far, they are not talked about so actively. However, this is a way to earn for the future. If you choose a good project, then in the future you can get a high income.


The project is presented as an 8-bit role-playing game. It is based on BNB Smart chain . The developers want to launch the best mechanics « Social game fi . To do this, they are looking for marketing specialists or content makers , crypto enthusiasts and ordinary talented users. Payments up to 2.5 thousand dollars per month, depending on your activity. However, it can be in tokens , which are worth $0.015 per token on the market .

Fulbo Galaxy

The project is a P 2 E game running on the blockchain Solana . Here you need to buy an NFT player, with which you can earn tokens. Developers need moderators and administrators in social networks. Payment 200-400 dollars a month depending on the status.


The project is being actively developed and represents a whole ecosystem on the blockchain . The point is to provide complete anonymity for both developers and users. You can develop your own applications on smart contracts. A new programming language LEO with zero-knowledge cryptography is being used. The project has already raised $28 million and is backed by Coinbase , Galaxy Digital and other serious investment funds.

As the developers themselves say, they need “ambassadors” – people who will help the project develop at all stages. The point is to create content and disseminate information about the project. And you can use any tools – from writing articles, to participating in the code, holding meetings or increasing developer resources. The list is quite extensive, and therefore everyone can try.

Why is it worth trusting?

  1. Perspectives. The project takes on the solution of really important problems.
  2. Seriousness. In the future, this can lead to good dividends if you really help the project.
  3. Benefit for society. You will contribute to the development of new technologies to protect users.

There are only two levels of ambassadors here: maestro and apprentice. The first is responsible for the work of the second. Students only need to complete two tasks per month. It’s not that much time.

The Ambassador program is constantly being improved and improved. As the project develops, the reward goes in points to maintain the status. The payment is made monthly. At the same time, points are issued in cryptocurrency . ALEO , which will soon be listed on the exchanges. Therefore, you can earn from it.

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