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Overhauling Customer Service with Tymely’s AI-Powered Support

Customer service today needs repair. From underwhelming rapport, and inaccurate information, to delayed responses, it’s clear that customer support leaves so much to be desired. Ecommerce alone faces grave challenges with relentless repercussions if handled poorly, ultimately hindering its revenue growth. Keep in mind that a solid client-based network is the foundation of an accelerating company. The key is to turn customers into promoters by satisfying every facet of their experience. This all starts with interaction. Simply put, if they’re not happy, they’re most likely not to come back. One dissatisfied customer creates a domino effect that will not just affect one individual sale, but the entire company’s revenue-generating process.

Companies are quickly scouring for more advanced tools and cutting-edge solutions to make ends meet. For many years, customer service in eCommerce has heavily relied on bots. And since bots can only offer so much in terms of relaying information and surface-level conversations, 90% of all inquiries are still handled by customer service agents, making this billion-dollar investment ineffective.

For Tymely, a startup tech that’s currently revolutionizing eCommerce customer service, problem-solving accuracy matters more than artificial interaction. This can only be achieved by understanding the in-depth layers of the human language to comprehend, assess, analyze, and deliver the client’s needs and requirements. This game-changing movement is now underway to overhaul customer service with its AI-human hybrid technology.

The $7 Million Launch of a Game Changer

Tymely has raised a $7 million investment with the help of venture capital firm Hetz Investments and DESCOvery, the D. E. Shaw group’s venture studio, as well as 97212 Ventures, to automate eCommerce customer service using NLP. This seed will be used to improve its NLU (natural language understanding) technology to scale the business. 

Ph. D candidate for NLP and Deep Learning, Ohad Rozen, Co-Founder and CEO of Tymely, is particularly passionate about revolutionizing customer support using state-of-the-art AI technologies. “I am very happy for the backing of Hetz Investments and D.E. Shaw Group in helping with the expansion of my vision to improve customer service for everyone,” he says.

How Does Tymely Work?

The experts at Tymely invented a hybrid AI-and-people-based contact center specifically designed and engineered to provide solutions to eCommerce companies by bridging the gap with existing AI solutions. The reality is, AI is still far behind in delivering hyper-personalized responses. From detecting implied subtleties to analyzing nuances, bots still have a long way to go before companies can completely rely on them for customer support. In fact, even the most modern and top-of-the-line NLP models still can’t handle the majority of client inquiries. Tymely aims to fix this problem by building a flawless service flow and delivering human-verified responses.

Tymely adapts and adheres to all company policies and requirements by setting up a workflow that is tailored to individual business needs. Their end-to-end platform easily connects with every company’s existing ticketing system, automatically detecting tickets that need to be handled. Then, every customer will get a detailed response and receive appropriate action to their concerns, whether it’s a refund or exchange. 

Tymely’s team of experts verifies the AI’s response and action in every stage of the process. 100% accuracy is guaranteed before the tickets get sent out, promoting customer satisfaction and efficient problem-solving.

With Tymely’s tech expertise and unwavering commitment to continuously improving customer service, companies testify that their CSAT scores instantly jumped, highlighting exceptional response time and service quality as the 2 key drivers that satisfied their customers.

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