OVER Makes Debut at the Lucca Comics & Games 2022

The concept of “metaverse” has gradually proven to encompass a lot more than just virtual games. It also includes blockchain, web3, cryptocurrency, social media, and a variety of other technologies.

Metaverse has gained popularity recently as more companies recognise it as the technology of the future of business. Now, the Metaverse has been discussed by many of us over the previous few months.

The Metaverse encompasses much more than just AR and VR, despite its gradual evolution. The Metaverse enables you, your persona, and your digital goods to switch across many technologies, including AR, VR, your PC, phone, or gaming console.

The problem is that the Metaverse still doesn’t exist because all those technologies must be combined. But, on the other hand, mixed reality appears more frequently in various facets of our lives, whether we are aware of it or not.

While VR immerses you in a different realm with totally simulated backgrounds and objects, AR enables you to superimpose digital things onto real-world surroundings. The open, mixed-reality metaverse known as OVER creates a new dimension where people can alter and augment their experience. 

This was on full display at the Lucca Comics & Games 2022, an event with an international scope. The event which was held from October 28 to November 1 hosted top artists, cartoonists, illiustrators, character designers, writers, film producers and numerous guest of honors from Japan, France, the United States and Argentina. 

A major platform for OVER to showcase its ecosystem

OVER was able to showcase its ecosystem products to creatives in the event that promotes Italian art and culture. Creatives were able to experience the exclusive AR experience via the OVER App and see possibilities via NFTs and blockchain technology. 

OVER also broadcasted the event virtually via the OVER App enabling thousands of participants to experience the event for free. The event also provided a shared initiative that explored how art and culture could evolve in the future. 

Speaking on the development, Diego Di Tommaso, COO and Co-founder of OVER noted “The presence at the event combines perfectly with OVER’s goal. We wanted to make people understand how the metaverse is a reality accessible to all, via a simple smartphone,” 





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