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Over 18k USD in Prizes Awarded during Hackathon on the Ergo Platform

Hackathon on the Ergo Platform

Ergo Foundation and ErgoPad Announce the Winners of ErgoHack Fest

Singapore – July 1, 2022 – During the month of May, the Ergo Foundation co-presented Ergo’s fourth hackathon with ErgoPad. This ErgoHack Fest took place over three weeks and featured the largest prize pool to date, with over 18k SigUSD and 180k $ergopad up for grabs.

ErgoHacks have been an identifying feature of Ergo with several projects from previous hackathons now operating as key dApps within the ecosystem. ErgoPad is one such project. They began their journey as a participant in ErgoHack II and are now one of the most active projects on Ergo. As an IDO launchpad, they are uniquely positioned to help new and existing projects secure ICO funding, and they have already helped other ErgoHack participants take the next steps in developing their projects. For a complete overview of ErgoPad and the projects they are working with, please visit their website:

The Ergo ecosystem continues to grow at a record pace and developer activity continually ranks amongst the highest on Stack. With each subsequent ErgoHack, more and more developers from participating teams stay on to become prominent community developers. In some cases, a few of these talented developers have been invited to work on projects with the core development team. If you would like to dive deeper into the projects and dApps on Ergo, please visit the Sigmaverse website. This portal offers a comprehensive overview of all the dApps on Ergo, including projects that have participated in previous ErgoHacks. 

ErgoHack Fest Results

The judges have completed their review of all the participants’ materials and submissions and have voted on the winners for this hackathon. 

1st place – Multisig

The team behind Multisig submitted a proposal to develop a new multi-signature wallet. During ErgoHack Fest they worked on designing the wallet and successfully completed the ability to sign a multi-sig transaction using a QR code. They then developed a server for communicating data between wallets. Once completed, the team was able to successfully generate a multi-sig transaction. 

2nd place – Oracle-Pools2

This single-member team sought to build a minimum viable product (MVP) of version 2 of the oracle pools as described in EIP-23 and were able to implement 3 core operations for the pools. They will be continuing to implement more operations for the pool as well as getting a working pool on testnet.

3rd place – ErgoSock/ErgoNodes

Ergonodes uses ErgoSock to crawl the entire Ergo network and map out all the important details about its current state. With the help of Ergonodes, it is easy to find information about the state over time, the state and information of specific nodes and the growth rate. It is an important metric to measure the robustness of the network.

Special Prize from DarkFund0

  • ergo-graphql 
  • NightOwl

5 Community Favorites

  • NightOwl ( 70 votes) 
  • Azorus ( 58 votes) 
  • ergo-graphql ( 38 votes) 
  • ErgoNation ( 24 votes ) 
  • dappStep ( 25 votes)

ErgoVersary and Upcoming Hackathons

The winners of ErgoHack Fest were announced on a very special day for the Ergo Platform. July 1st marks the third anniversary of Ergo’s mainnet launch. In addition to celebrating the conclusion of the hackathon, the Ergo Foundation and numerous community members have organized several activities for the community, including a special AMA and video appearances by special guests. All of the details are available on the Ergo Platform YouTube page. 

After the success of this hackathon, it has already been announced that the next ErgoHack Fest will take place in September 2022. All developers and/or entrepreneurs are invited to present projects and ideas for possible development on the blockchain. Future updates on this event will be announced via Ergo’s social media channels.

About Ergo

Ergo is the inevitable next step in the evolution of Proof of Work blockchain technology, designed for creating and implementing powerful, efficient, and highly secure financial contracts. It utilizes the best aspects of Bitcoin and Ethereum by using Bitcoin’s UTXO model while implementing the smart contract functionality of Ethereum.

 Ergo’s innovation provides an enhanced crypto-economy, aimed at providing social and financial goods for those who value privacy, technical reliability, and investment opportunities. The products Ergo creates position it as a leader in addressing the issues of poverty and accessibility in regions where there is limited or no access to modern financial products and services.

 About the Ergo Foundation

The Ergo Foundation oversees the business aspects of the Ergo Platform. The Foundation consists of several board members who are tasked with ensuring that the projects built honor and uphold the initial inspirations for the creation of Ergo. They are responsible for the Ergo Treasury as well as the disbursement of funds to further develop the Ergo Ecosystem. For further information, please see the Ergo Foundation webpage.

About ErgoPad

Ergopad is a token launch platform on the Ergo blockchain that helps teams crowd source funding and initiate DAOs. Ergopad has built an open source python-based tech stack that Ergo developers can take advantage of, and continue to provide BaaS smart contract management to the ecosystem. They produce the bi-weekly Proof of Ergo podcast, and will continue to contribute to the Ergo ecosystem as it grows into the future, by building tools that help developers provide functionality to end-users.

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