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Over 1000% ROI: BlockDAG Network is The Next Crypto To Explode In 2024 Compared To Shiba Inu & Dogwifhat

Over 1000% ROI: BlockDAG Network is The Next Crypto To Explode In 2024 Compared To Shiba Inu & Dogwifhat

BlockDAG’s impressive presale and detailed roadmap highlight its potential for substantial growth. In contrast to Shiba Inu’s recent market cap rise and Dogwifhat’s trading volume surge, BlockDAG’s robust development strategy and technological advancements position it as the leading investment. With significant milestones like Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatibility and a projected 30,000x ROI, BlockDAG offers unparalleled growth opportunities.

Shiba Inu’s Market Cap Soars, Nearing Cardano’s Level

Shiba Inu (SHIB) recently saw its market capitalization jump to over $16 billion, putting it close to Cardano (ADA). Until May 27th, SHIB’s market cap was around $14 billion. This surge in value suggests that SHIB is gaining momentum quickly. Interestingly, SHIB’s trading volume is mostly driven by buyers, which indicates growing interest in the coin.

Currently, SHIB is trading at approximately $0.000027, up over 2%. If it continues to rise, it will mark three consecutive days of gains. Meanwhile, Cardano is struggling, trading around $0.46 with a modest 1% increase. ADA remains below its short-term moving average, showing bearish signs.

Dogwifhat (WIF) Sees Major Surge in Trading Volume and Price

The meme coin market is buzzing, with Dogwifhat (WIF) leading the charge. WIF’s trading volume spiked by 39%, reaching $2.68 billion, indicating strong investor interest. This surge in volume shows growing optimism among traders about WIF’s potential.

Currently trading at $3.75, WIF has increased by 6.76% in the last 24 hours. Over the past month, the coin’s price has risen by 40%, showcasing strong bullish momentum. The increase in Open Interest by 14.15% further indicates that more traders are taking positions in WIF, showing confidence in its continued performance.

Investors might consider WIF due to its robust growth, strong community support, and the benefits of being on the Solana blockchain, known for its high transaction speed and 

BlockDAG’s $10 Projection Fuels Investor Optimism

BlockDAG’s presale success, crossing $48.8 million in batch 18 with an 1120% value surge, highlights strong investor confidence. The updated roadmap details significant developments, starting with foundational blockchain phases. Over the next few months, BlockDAG will enhance its peer-to-peer networking, implement linear and DAG algorithms, and integrate a proof-of-work consensus mechanism.

By mid-July, BlockDAG aims for Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatibility, supporting Ethereum-based smart contracts and tools. The project will launch its development network (Devnet) for internal validations and simulations. After security audits and bug fixes, the Testnet will open for external beta testing in mid-August, allowing performance and security assessments under real-world conditions. The official Mainnet launch is scheduled for late September, marking the transition to live operations and public access.

With projections of a 30,000x ROI and rapid development milestones, BlockDAG is emerging as a top contender in the crypto space. Its innovative approach and strategic execution have attracted significant investor interest. As BlockDAG progresses through its roadmap, the presale’s success suggests positive momentum, making it a compelling investment opportunity with potential to reach $10 by 2025.


BlockDAG’s strategic roadmap and innovative advancements make it the standout investment opportunity. While Shiba Inu’s market cap growth and Dogwifhat’s trading volume spike are notable, BlockDAG’s presale success and projected milestones, such as EVM compatibility and a potential $10 price by 2025, offer unparalleled growth potential. 

For investors seeking substantial returns and cutting-edge technology, BlockDAG is the clear winner among these emerging cryptocurrencies, promising to redefine the market landscape and deliver impressive gains.

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