Over $1 Billion in Crypto Assets Now Locked and Vested by TrustSwap Clients

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MONTREAL – April 28, 2021 – TrustSwap, a full-service digital asset ecosystem focused on smart contract applications, announced that more than $1 billion in cryptocurrencies have been locked and vested by TrustSwap clients through their SmartLock service. What they’ve achieved is staggering considering that less than $1 billion dollars was locked in all of crypto at this time last year. Having only launched during the summer of 2020, TrustSwap has achieved this new milestone in just 9 months.

There has been tremendous growth and potential throughout the decentralized finance (DeFi) space over the last year. TrustSwap was born from a simple idea: to make an easy and cost-effective way for any two people or companies to confidently exchange digital assets without paying astronomical escrow fees to middlemen.

Currently one of the Top 15 DeFi projects (TVL), TrustSwap has more than $5 million in daily trading volume and a market cap close to $300 million. Notable results throughout the momentous year for TrustSwap include:

  • Over 47 million of TrustSwap’s native SWAP tokens – worth more than $214 million – have been staked through the Staking platform to-date across 12,000+ unique addresses. SWAP token is a utility token that allows its stakers to receive staking rewards and participate in the projects that are launching on Launchpads. The tokens can also be used for farming different tokens on the Launchpad Farming Pools as well as for discounted payments for the different other services offered by TrustSwap.
  • More than 800 unique companies have securely locked their tokens through SmartLocks to ensure confidence and peace of mind for investors. SmartLock helps protect investors by releasing vested tokens over time or when specific project milestones are met, minimizing the risk of token crashes or exit scams.
  • Launchpad has raised more than $15 million in startup funding, successfully completing 18 campaigns with an average return on investment of 1,000%. The TrustSwap Launchpad is a full-service launchpad and incubator program for new blockchain projects looking to start their new blockchain venture.

In June, Trustswap will release its highly anticipated cryptocurrency minting service, which will allow users to create their own audited cryptocurrency, for free, within minutes. TrustSwap is also set to launch Swappable, an NFT and ERC20 marketplace designed to not only charge lower fees, but return those fees back to the community it serves. Swappable will also allow for any Web3 wallet user to create, buy, sell or trade any NFT in an easy-to-use and open marketplace forum. 

“This past year has been incredible for the TrustSwap team and community, and reaching this milestone only validates that,” said Jeff Kirdeikis, CEO of TrustSwap. “Starting with the idea for SmartSwap and watching that develop into the digital asset platform we have become today is truly amazing. We’re only just scratching the surface of what the full-service TrustSwap ecosystem is capable of, and looking forward to unveiling that shortly.”

About TrustSwap:

TrustSwap is a distributed platform, cryptocurrency and protocol that delivers new solutions to decentralized finance (DeFi). By integrating smart contract services into easily accessible applications, TrustSwap is building a foundational layer in the rapidly-emerging decentralized finance landscape. TrustSwap’s functionalities aim to solve existing problems in the DeFi space connected to split payments, subscriptions, escrow, minting, token locks and fundraising.
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