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Out of Home Media in 2022: What It Looks Like and How to Utilize It

Tommy Shek

First instinct might tell us that out-of-home (OOH) media campaigns are out of date and out of touch. This reaction makes sense with increased personal device use and digital ad networks spreading across the web.

But with a second glance, we see the OOH advertising is just as relevant and impactful as ever – it just looks a bit different nowadays.

Let’s explore the ways in which OOH media has changed in the digital world, and how brands can use it to their advantage moving forward.

What OOH Looks Like in 2022

We are so immersed in a world of out-of-home media that we don’t even think twice when we see it! Still, these are highly effective campaigns that impact how we browse and buy.

Here’s what OOH advertising looks like in 2022, at face value and behind the scenes.

Streamlined Buying Platforms

In many cases, the nuts and bolts of physical OOH media are the same as they’ve always been. Billboards go up, they come down, they move around.

However, the marketplace and processes within are nearly digitized in full, streamlining both procurement and implementation. 

With buying platforms built for intuitive use by brands everywhere, technology makes it easier than ever to actually follow through with OOH, rather than going through outdated and unreliable channels.

Programmatic Digital OOH

The automated buying and selling of media is now the status quo, and this goes for out-of-home assets as they merge with the digital.

You’ve seen the huge, eye-catching digital screens everywhere you go, from shopping centers to highways and major event venues. 

Not only are these OOH formats effective at garnering attention and driving sales, but they can be programmed for maximum impact in key situations. Modern OOH strategy is all about timing your ads for the perfect moment so they get in front of the right people, every time.

With better targeting and data-driven methods, OOH is far more efficient than ever, with fewer question marks and minimal wasted resources.

AI and AR Made Real

Only in sci-fi movies do we see fully integrated AI and augmented reality advertising that targets our individual interests and shopping pattern – right?

It may not look like a futuristic film quite yet, but marketers are well on the way to this reality with out-of-home campaigns that connect with the digital environment. Everyone is already attached to their phones 24/7, so this is the next logical step for OOH advertising.

Before long, we’ll be able to walk into a public area, receive personalized notifications from our favorite brands, gain access to unique offers, and enjoy a more engaging experience in the real world thanks to OOH media.

How to Utilize OOH in 2022

Smart brands recognize that while OOH has changed on multiple levels, it’s still a key part of a diversified marketing game plan. Here’s how to make the most of out-of-home right now.

Create a Story

More than ever, customers want to be engaged by brands with compelling, relatable stories that create a sense of connection and community. Out-of-home media is the perfect canvas for storytelling, so work to make your ads eye-catching, emotion-driven, and direct.

Connect Online

Is there a clear pathway for customers to follow when they see your ad in public? This is the age-old direct response tactic that still works well today. 

The only difference is that with so many possible channels online and in the physical world, customers don’t want any ambiguity. Tell them exactly where to go, what to do, and how to get the most from what your brand has to offer.

Track and Measure Data

Your OOH campaigns will only be as good as the data that drives them. Drill down into the analytics and see what assets perform best under different conditions, whether that be timing, placement, duration, and other variables. 

Don’t forget to A/B test wherever you can, especially in digital OOH formats. After all, it’s easier to test out different digital ads rather than replacing an entire billboard on the side of the road!

Keep Branding Cohesive

While the world of out of home media might seem daunting, the fundamentals of good marketing remain intact no matter where you advertise. A cohesive, memorable brand message will take you far on all fronts, from the bus stop to the ballpark and beyond.

Stick the same colors, fonts, imagery, and other trusted assets that make your brand unique. That way, customers will feel right at home when they follow you on social media or shop online. 

Can Your Brand Benefit from Out of Home Media?

Short answer: absolutely! However, don’t try to reinvent the wheel with OOH. Take what you already know and apply it with precision with the new digital arsenal.

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