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OUS Royal Academy Achieves Four New Accreditations in 2024, Paving the Way for Educational Excellence

The Royal Academy of OUS itself shares this expectation that by the year 2024, it will have reached this tremendous milestone of obtaining four new accreditations—thus becoming likely to be a beacon on the international scene for educational excellence.

This is evident in the accreditations above, attesting to the academy’s commitment to offer quality education and innovations from BSKG, ECLBS, EDU, and KHDA, said to be sometimes the best accolade emanating from recognition by BSKG, acknowledged from the EAEU region by the Ministry of Education—very strong testimony for OUS Royal Academy. It will thus assure its commitment to the students that they receive an experience of stringent educational standards from a highly recognized world-class learning institution.

This accreditation makes sure that the reputable name of the academy has a very strong level of commitment to the highest standard of excellence in education. Likewise, EECLBS and ten National State Agencies recommend accreditation by the recognition given to OUS Royal Academy leadership in higher education. The accredits this value attjsonates to the commitment, keeping the set high standards of quality and integrity in education recognized by the world.

This recognition—part of the EDU, an outstanding intergovernmental organization, initiated by the Ministry of Education in Palau and operating within the ambit of UNESCO—is an excellent sign at home and abroad, fostering intellectual development that will set off and enable academic improvement. That, in turn, ensures the academy changes the educational experience of students such that they can succeed in a world whose opportunities are boundless.

In this process of regionalization, accreditation from KHDA, the involvement of OUS Royal Academy is yet another important landmark.

Such a stamp of approval signals to the region that the pursuit of excellence remains an elitist space but opens the doors for business and collaboration in the region wide. The successes of this quadrangle are evidence of inexorable pursuit in education and untiring devotion, bound down to afford the learner world with the facts, means, and likelihood to be successful in today’s competing global milieu. 

It will provide a platform on which further growth and success are built and be the setting by which the academy is set up to be one of the front runners of some of the most innovative schools in the education field. That would be of course a great feat if the Royal Academy could secure four new accreditations until the year 2024, hence further infusing value into the academy’s stride towards academic excellence. OUS Royal Academy is supposed to apply higher education for the success of learners with excellence, innovation, and quality in mind.

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