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Our Top 6 Tips to Get More Views on Tiktok

Get More Views on Tiktok

Everyone knows Tiktok. It’s as if almost everyone has downloaded the app or even watched the videos from it. Because of its rising popularity, it’s becoming difficult to get more views and followers. 

However, if your content is unique, fun, and entertaining, you have a high chance of getting more views. Unfortunately, the Tiktok algorithm is more complex than that. It works based on many factors to determine how many people will be able to see your post. 

Hence, the key to getting more views is to know how its algorithm works. This includes the hashtags, customizing the content of the videos, and descriptions. Another way is to buy Tiktok views. However, we will focus on how you get more views on Tiktok through the algorithm’s behavior in this guide. Read more to find out.

Get Featured on the For You Page

The first thing to get viral on Tiktok is to get featured on its “For You Page”. For You Page (or FYP for short) is Tiktok’s homepage, where all curated content chosen by the algorithm is gathered based on a user’s interests. There you can see popular videos, including the less popular ones. So how do you get featured on this page? 

The first is to create content that is not so generic. This means that you stop doing videos that are all about dance or lip sync videos. You might want to explore other topics such as tutorials for food or makeup, sports, travel, recipes, and more. If you’re watching Tiktok videos, you know that educational and how-to videos perform well. 

In short, the most important and effective way to gain views on Tiktok is to create valuable and exciting content. The reason is, you’re giving them helpful information that they can use in real life. In this way, people will watch the video until the end. 

Why is this so? The algorithm works by identifying videos where people watch the short videos until the end. Hence, get people to watch your entire video because it’s one of the critical elements to getting more views. Make your short video interesting for 3 seconds, and make it engaging until the end. 

The thing with For You page is it’s not exclusive alone to established and famous creators with thousands or millions of followers. It’s for everyone. Even videos with lesser views can get featured by it. As long as people watch your entire video, you’re most likely to get a feature on FYP.

Also, optimize your content for the algorithm to promote and recognize your video by:

  1. Using trending hashtags
  2. Making short videos for 30 seconds or less
  3. Pair it with trending special effects, and Tiktok sounds
  4. Posting at appropriate hours within a day

Start gathering ideas for your content, and make sure to be engaging, valuable, and fun.

Increase Likes, Comment, and Shares

Once your content has many views, likes, and comments, it will feed this information to the algorithm. These engagement metrics (likes, comments, shares) also include the visits to your profile, shares, downloads, and who follows your account. 

The engagement metrics work like this. Once your video is public for viewing, Tiktok will show it to your followers. If your followers engaged and watched your video until the end, the app would show it to more people. 

Then, if the engagement is solid for your initial followers, the algorithm will start to post your videos on the For You page. If your videos get more views after getting featured on the For You page, they will show to more people until your video goes viral. 

It seems like an easy task. Well, not quite, but it is doable. Here are some strategies for increased engagement and completion rate:

  1. Hook the people to your videos for the first couple of seconds
  2. Use emotions such as curiosity, confusion, or suspense
  3. Place overlay captions on the video to make it more interesting
  4. Your video should be visually pleasing (good lighting and background)
  5. Make a story that is interesting until the end
  6. Make valuable videos such as tutorials, recipes, workout videos
  7. Enable loop into your videos
  8. Create a catchy bio and profile picture
  9. Post daily and at optimal times
  10. Use hashtags to target audience according to your niche
  11. Collaborate with other creators
  12. Share your video to other social media platforms
  13. Use trending special effects and TikTok music

Use Hashtags for your Target Audience

Similar to businesses, they should identify their target audience first to know who they are selling for. It goes the same way with Tiktok. 

However, it uses hashtags to get more views on your targeted audience. Hashtags are crucial because they certainly make your videos appear to other people. When you use them, your video will appear to people who watch the same hashtag you used. 

Hence, more engagements and views with your video instead of using a generic hashtag or not using one at all. 

Make sure to use not only trending hashtags but also relevant ones. In this way, it will help to increase your reach to the most active Tiktok users.

Collaborate with other Tiktok Influencers and Creators

One way to increase your followers and views in Tiktok is to collaborate with other creators and influencers. This is common knowledge since this strategy is also used on Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook. 

Besides, two heads are better than one. Creators or influencers who work together have increasing followers and continue to grow together. The reason is you get to attract the followers of your collaborated Influencer. You can also react to their Tiktok videos to get noticed by other Tiktok users. 

Our advice for a strategic collaboration? Use a dance, song, or tutorial video or make a Tiktok hashtag challenge. You’ll be surprised by the amount of engagement you’ll receive in no time. 

Share your Tiktok Videos to Other Platforms

Don’t just limit your videos to Tiktok alone. Make it a point that they get reached to a broader audience – and this means posting on Instagram. Share your Tiktok video on your Instagram Story. In this way, you’ll get more viewers from users who haven’t visited your profile yet. 

Posting on Facebook and Pinterest is another sure way to get more engagement and views. In Facebook, the community is so large that there’s a high chance you get a high engagement and view rate. As for Pinterest, Tiktok videos can now be pinned and viewed. 

Experiment with Your Videos

Let’s get back to basics for our last tip. When creating content, it’s all about experimentation. Once you have uploaded several videos, identify which ones is the best performing. Then, integrate the same concept or theme into your future videos for a high chance of getting views from people.

The Bottomline

The Tiktok algorithm may sound so intimidating at first. However, when you know how it works, you’ll have a sure way of becoming viral. Make sure to use the tips above to maximize your views. Another method that can help you is looking at the strategy in which you have to buy Tiktok likes. It can supplement all the other methods listed above and will make your number of views soar to new heights.

Anyone can become famous on Tiktok. If you want to become a Tiktok star, start planning your content and follow our tips. It’s all about trial and error. 

Don’t get discouraged if you fail. Keep experimenting until you know what content to post that can potentially become famous. Also, don’t forget to have fun! After all, Tiktok is all about entertainment and education. Make it a point that your content will give value to your viewers. 

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