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Crawling Hands

Embarking on a Slayer task within the realms of Old School RuneScape offers you a unique blend of exploration, combat, and the opportunity to gain valuable experience. Among the plethora of monsters that inhabit this world, the Crawling Hands presents an intriguing challenge, especially for those newly initiated into the art of Slayer. A lot of knowledge and strategies are needed to tackle these adversaries effectively, making your journey through the world of Slayer tasks both rewarding and enjoyable.

General Information

Crawling Hands are the beginner Slayer monsters that require a minimum Slayer level of 5 to attack. These creatures, as the name suggests, are disembodied hands that have been reanimated through dark magic. They crawl with an unsettling agility, seeking to overwhelm their prey with strangling grips and vicious scratches. Despite their somewhat grotesque appearance, Crawling Hands serve as an excellent starting point when you start training your slayer, offering a manageable challenge and a gentle introduction to the mechanics of the skill. However, you won’t be able to make any consistent OSRS GP by slaying them.

Slayer Masters

To slay Crawling Hands, you must first receive this assignment from a Slayer Master. The game introduces two Slayer Masters who will likely assign Crawling Hands to beginners: Turael, located in the quaint town of Burthorpe, and Mazchna, who resides in Canifis. Turael is renowned for his accessibility to newcomers, offering tasks that are not overly challenging. On the other hand, Mazchna provides assignments that are a notch higher in difficulty but also promise better rewards. Your choice of Slayer Master should align with your combat capabilities and readiness to face the challenges ahead.

Slayer Tower

The Slayer Tower, a foreboding structure located northwest of Canifis in the cursed land of Morytania, is one of the primary habitats of Crawling Hands. These creatures lurk on the ground floor, making them the first challenge for adventurers venturing into the tower. The tower layout allows for easy access to Crawling Hands, making it a popular spot for players embarking on their initial Slayer tasks. Furthermore, the tower’s proximity to Canifis facilitates quick trips to the bank for restocking supplies or to take a well-deserved break. It is one of the reasons why you can have an OSRS power leveling for your slayer and combat by killing them.

Meiyerditch Laboratories

If you’re seeking an alternative location, the Meiyerditch Laboratories offer a more secluded environment teeming with Crawling Hands. Accessible after progressing through the “Sins of the Father” quest, this area is nestled deep within the lore-rich and complex geography of Meiyerditch.

The laboratories provide a unique setting for those who avoid crowded spots or adventurers delving deeper into the game’s narrative. It’s an excellent choice for more experienced players or those on a quest-specific journey. You should pick this location only if you are Turael skipping. Although the Slayer Tower spot is never busy, keep in mind that it is more accessible and closer to a teleport.

Best Strategy

Engaging Crawling Hands from a distance using Ranged combat tactics is a strategy many favor. Beginners can start with simple equipment such as a shortbow and bronze arrows, gradually upgrading to more potent weaponry as they progress. The essence of this strategy lies in maintaining a safe distance, allowing you to deal damage while minimizing the risk of taking hits. This approach ensures your safety and contributes to more efficient task completion, as you can dispatch the Crawling Hands swiftly and with minimal resource expenditure.

Superior Slayer Creature

For adventurers who have unlocked the ability to encounter Superior Slayer Creatures, the Crawling Hands offer the Crushing Hand as their superior variant. These encounters are significantly more challenging but are equally rewarding, offering the chance for enhanced drops, including unique items. Engaging a Crushing Hand demands thorough preparation, including ample food supplies and possibly prayer potions, as underestimating these enhanced foes can lead to swift defeat.


Crawling Hands is known for its diverse drop table, which includes various items such as runes, weapons, armor, and even the rare and coveted Crawling Hand pet. Although most drops from these creatures are modest, they represent an excellent source of early Slayer experience and can be profitable, especially for new players. Collecting and selling these drops provides a steady stream of income and enhances the overall Slayer experience by offering tangible rewards for your efforts.

Crawling Hand Item Unique

Among the unique drops from Crawling Hands, the Crawling Hand item stands out as a rare trophy, symbolizing your powers in combat against these creatures. Additionally, their frequent drops of various gloves, including leather gloves, serve as valuable resources for players starting their journey in OSRS. These unique items add extra excitement to each Slayer task, providing players with additional objectives and rewards beyond mere task completion.

Other Relevant Info

As you step into the shadows to confront the Crawling Hands, remember that each Slayer task is an opportunity to hone your skills, enrich your coffers, and deepen your engagement with the rich world of OSRS. The journey against Crawling Hands is not merely about overcoming a low-level challenge; it’s about embracing the vastness and diversity of the game’s challenges. Whether you aim to master every aspect of the Slayer skill or simply seek to experience the breadth of adventures OSRS offers, engaging with Crawling Hands is a step into a broader world of possibilities. Embrace each task with enthusiasm, equip yourself with knowledge and strategy, and remember that the world of OSRS is filled with endless adventures and mysteries to uncover.

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