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Ortho Rinse Pick Reviews – Dental Power at Home for you

What is Ortho Rinse Pick?

One reason a visit to the dentist is recommended at least twice a year is the thorough removal of dirt. At the top of the list are tartar and plaque, which are difficult to remove entirely with a toothbrush. The manufacturer of Ortho Rinse Pick promises to have developed a product for home use with this plaque remover. With the help of vibrations via sonic technology, this device is supposed to remove deposits without damaging the teeth. This product is said to be suitable for the following:

  • Tartar
  • Plaque and
  • Bad breath

This device is battery-operated, so charging via USB cable is a point to be included in the usage. Given the manufacturer’s recommendation of a two to four-week break between uses, you should not find charging a problem. If you are considering whether you should include the Ortho Rinse Pick in your dental health care regime, the following product description may help you find an answer to this question. (The following links in this article are affiliate links. This allows the author to get a small commission when buying the product. However, the price does not change).

Ortho Rinse Pick Seal of Approval and Quality

The plaque remover Ortho Rinse Pick is a product from a manufacturer in the USA. Unfortunately, this manufacturer does not release any information about the testing procedures. This product has undergone before its market launch. Furthermore, no independent tests still explicitly deal with this care product for teeth.

If you decide to buy, you should therefore take more time to examine the Ortho Rinse Pick after you receive the goods. This includes looking at the shape. If there are deformations, this may be a sign of a defective battery. In such cases, it is advisable to use your 30-day right of return. This also applies in the event of excessive heating during charging. If the battery overheats every time it is charged, its lifespan can be drastically shortened, and the quality of the product will noticeably decrease after a short period. For more information and a discounted price visit the product website here!

General Ortho Rinse Pick Customer Reviews

After switching on Ortho Rinse Pick, only tranquil background noise is said to be produced, even at the highest level. This feature is an advantage for users who find even devices with a high noise level very unpleasant at the dentist’s. On the other hand, the vibrations emitted by the plaque remover should be gentle on the gums and teeth so that even laypeople can use this product without damaging their teeth.

The opinions of other customers reveal primarily positive reviews of the Ortho Rinse Pick. The users describe adjusting the three sound speeds as simple and uncomplicated. Changing the attachments and cleaning them is also described as simple.

On the other hand, negative opinions about this product criticize the fact that there is no display or indication of the battery status on the plaque remover. Due to these missing details, it would be necessary to interrupt the application occasionally to recharge the battery. Visit this product website to see more customer reviews!

General information about plaque remover

There are currently several products for removing plaque and just as many home remedies. Home remedies include baking soda, vinegar, and lemon juice. However, not all users respond optimally to them, so irritation of the gums can also occur. Dentists often recommend using an electric toothbrush for thorough cleaning. Due to the permanent rotations, these toothbrushes are supposed to remove significantly more deposits than manual toothbrushes in the same period.

In both cases, tartar and plaque can still form in the interdental spaces or other hard-to-reach areas. Using additional help in the fight against tartar often leads to products like Ortho Rinse Pick, which are only used occasionally. In combination, it should be possible to need a thorough dental cleaning no longer every time you visit the dentist.

General plaque remover uses

The target group for the Ortho Rinse Pick plaque remover broadly includes people who have problems with stubborn plaque or the symptoms that develop from it, such as bleeding gums or bad breath. Because of its cordless use, this product is also suitable for people who travel frequently. A little caution, on the other hand, is called for with children. Milk teeth, in particular, often do not have the same hardness as the following teeth. Children and adolescents should, therefore, only use the Ortho Rinse Pick under supervision or have the plaque removed by a dentist.

Known FAQ about this product

  • Q:How does the Ortho Rinse Pick remove plaque from teeth?
  • A:The plaque remover uses sound to cause vibrations. These vibrations loosen the plaque from the teeth.
  • Q:Is the plaque remover battery operated?
  • A: Ortho Rinse Pick uses a rechargeable battery as its power source. This battery can be recharged via a USB charging cable.
  • Q:Is the speed of sound adjustable on the Ortho Rinse Pick?
  • A: This plaque remover is said to have a three-speed setting. All settings are directly in the vicinity of the thumb.
  • Q:Can the attachments be cleaned?
  • A:The three attachments provided are removable and can be cleaned under running water. Antibacterial cleaners are not a required part of the cleaning process.
  • Q:How often is it recommended to use?
  • A:The applications should take two to four weeks in between breaks.
  • Q:Is the Ortho Rinse Pick a risk to teeth?
  • A:There should be no risk of damage to teeth or gums. Nevertheless, the pressure should not be too high so that the vibrations achieve optimal results and do not irritate the gums or teeth.

Where can I buy Ortho Rinse Pick?

If you want to improve the care of your teeth and have set your sights on the Ortho Rinse Pick plaque remover, you should first consider where this product is currently available. Most electrical stores with their own health and wellness department have not yet included this handy device in their range. This is partly because the manufacturer comes from the USA and relies mainly on the advantages of modern e-commerce.

For quick and uncomplicated purchases, it is therefore recommended that you first visit the official Ortho Rinse Pick website. You will find further information on the product and can order the device directly there. This is the least hassle for buyers from abroad and reduces the risk of receiving counterfeit products to zero.

If you like to look for discounts when shopping, shopping via the website is also a good choice. Currently, four offers on the website combine a purchase with a discount. The offers are as follows:

  • 1 Ortho Rinse Pick = 35 % price saving
  • 2 Ortho Rinse Pick = 35 % price saving
  • 3 Ortho Rinse Pick = 51 % price saving
  • 4 Ortho Rinse Pick = 55 % price saving

If you know other people looking for an easier way to remove tartar, placing a joint order may be an option. The higher discount reduces the costs for all buyers. To complete the order, all that remains is to select the payment method. These options are limited on the website to:

1) Credit card payment

2) PayPal

Regardless of which of these two payment methods you choose, you should keep the receipts you receive by e-mail. Sending goods from outside the EU is often associated with costs such as import fees. The amount is based on the price of the goods ordered. Being able to prove the exact amount as well as any discounts will protect you from too high extra costs.

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Ortho Rinse Pick technical facts

  1. Electric plaque remover
  2. Three sound speeds selectable
  3. Ergonomic shape
  4. Battery charging via USB charging cable
  5. The attachment can be washed underwater

Ortho Rinse Pick recommendation

To achieve a fair assessment of this plaque remover, it is necessary to look at the key details and technical features of Ortho Rinse Pick separately. These include:

  • The handling

The shape of this plaque remover for the teeth is reminiscent of an electric toothbrush. How to use the Ortho Rinse Pick should therefore be self-explanatory to a certain extent. The ergonomic design of this device is an advantage for more extended applications. What is meant by this is that the hands assume a natural posture when holding the plaque remover and are thus less prone to tension or cramps. This shaping is a plus point that becomes particularly apparent when there is tartar on several teeth, and the treatment accordingly takes a little longer.

The manufacturer recommends that the treatment is not carried out daily but at most only every fortnight. The optimal period for Ortho Rinse Pick is two to four weeks. This plaque remover is, therefore, not suitable for daily dental care. You should adhere to this recommendation for your teeth’s health and not carry out the individual applications too closely together.

The technical details

  • The Ortho Rinse Pick removes tartar and other stubborn plaque from the teeth using sound. Vibrations are emitted via the attachment. With the help of these vibrations, the hardened tartar can be gently removed from the underlying tooth. In order not to damage the teeth or gums, the speed of the pulse is divided into three levels:

(1) Soft

(2) Normal and

(3) Clean

divided. You can also change the settings during use with the slider. If the removal of the tartar proves to be painful or the gums start to bleed, you can also take a break and continue the application at a later time.

However, a small mirror is missing from this product so that you can check which parts of the teeth may still be dirty. Unfortunately, this accessory is missing for the Ortho Rinse Pick. This means that there will be additional costs after the purchase. Accessories such as a mirror or a torch to illuminate the mouth can make the work with this plaque remover much easier. Especially in the back rows of teeth, this makes it less easy for unnoticed tartar to form, which can cause inflammation or bad breath.

  • The power supply:To receive the vibrations by sound, this plaque remover must also have a power source. With the Ortho Rinse Pick, the manufacturer has decided against a mains plug in favor of using a rechargeable battery. Since use is not recommended more than every fortnight, the time required for recharging is also kept within limits. As with many small electrical devices with a rechargeable batteries, this plaque remover also uses a USB charging cable that can be easily connected to laptops or other electrical devices. This type of charging is also helpful for holidays in countries where an adapter would be needed for power supply at a regular socket.
  • Hygiene:The removal of tartar also raises questions about hygiene with a plaque remover. For this purpose, the Ortho Rinse Pick is divided into two parts. In the upper section are the attachments, which can be removed if necessary. The scope of delivery includes three extensions which, due to the different tips, are either suitable for large-area soiling of the teeth or are intended to free the interdental spaces from tartar more quickly. After use, the manufacturer recommends cleaning the attachments thoroughly under running water. However, the use of antibacterial cleaners should not be necessary because they are made of plastic and metal.
  • The overall assessment:The Ortho Rinse Pick presents itself as very well thought-out in the composition of the individual aspects of this product. This also applies to cordless use, which offers greater freedom. However, even with this plaque remover, there is no 100% guarantee that it will not cause bleeding gums or even pain in the teeth. Therefore, it would help if you tried out whether the sonic technology with vibrations is suitable for your oral cavity or whether you find this device rather unpleasant.
Info about the product provider

If you are interested in buying a plaque remover for the first time, you may also be interested in who the manufacturer of Ortho Rinse Pick is. So that you don’t have to search the internet for this information, you will find a profile of essential details of this supplier below.


Name: Renewing Rain LLC

490 Lake Of The Woods Drive


Florida 34293

Country of origin: USA



Support: E-Mail: customer service @ orthorinsepick. com

Phone: (888) 958 4484

If the health of your teeth does not improve as desired with this plaque remover, the supplier Renewing Rain LLC grants you a 30-day return policy. This gives you enough time to test the product and understand its effectiveness. Since the return address can already be found on the website, you don’t have to invest much time finding out to which address the return should be sent.

However, to get a refund, it is important not to discard the original packaging too quickly. The accessories, such as the charging cable for the battery, must also be included in the return so that the seller recognizes the package as complete and refunds the money paid.


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