Orlando iPhone Repair & Computer Repair Company Since 1998

Orlando iPhone Repair & Computer Repair Company

Each and every day, we are more dependent on our devices to perform a myriad of functions and tasks. Calls, emails, our work and jobs, scheduling, contact with family and friends, entertainment – name anything and you will find that you either use your computer or mobile for it.

Our reliance on these devices is so much that we wouldn’t dream of living a day without them. Just imagine you reach your office and find out you have left your mobile at home. How would you cope with it all? Worse yet, the devices could get damaged and not work at all.

CTS: The Orlando iPhone Repair & Computer Repair Company

If you are in the Orlando area and find that your computer or mobile phone is malfunctioning, you should head over to the best Orlando iPhone and computer repair company since 1998, Computer Tech Solutions (CTS).

The digital devices repair company has been helping people get their damaged and unresponsive devices back to top-performing conditions since 1998. For more than two decades, the iPhone and computer repair business has been serving in the Orlando area, helping thousands of people retrieve their data and devices in running order.

Services offered by Computer Tech Solutions include repair, battery change, cracked screen replacements, issue with hardware such as camera, charging ports etc. for:

  • iPhone (6 and above).
  • Samsung Galaxy and Android phones of all types.
  • iPad and tablets.
  • Laptops.
  • Desktop and PCs.

Apart from this, if you ever need basic software solutions such as installing or repairing Microsoft Windows, antivirus and malware removal and even lost data recovery, CTS is the best tech solution firm.

Easy Custom Quotes

If your device is damaged or you believe there is some software related issue, you can visit the CTS website and go to the respective device page. From there you can enter in details such as the device manufacturer, operating system etc. and tell the firm about the issue being faced. CTS will get back to you with a custom quote, giving you an idea on the amount of money you will be spending to get your device back into running shape.

The quotes are just estimates and the actual cost may vary. However, CTS offers the cheapest rates in the Orlando area. If you believe you are being overcharged, CTS also offers you to provide a quote from another reputable repair shop and it will match it!

CTS also offers a same day mobile phone repair service, meaning you can drop off your device in the morning and take it back with you on your way to home.

Custom Builds

As the best iPhone and computer repair company in Orlando, one of the upcoming services of CTS is custom builds PCs. Whether desiring a gaming PC or one designed specifically for your work, CTS will give you a quote on your desired specifications. All you have to do is to give your contact, preferred motherboard, required RAM and graphics and any other specifications.

To better understand your needs, CTS will also ask you to mention what your PC activities will include, so that it may better match the hardware to your requirements.

Free Diagnostics

You are not sure what is wrong with your device? Are you tight on budget? The Orlando’s prime iPhone and computer repair company, you can head over to the workshop and get free diagnostics to know what is wrong with your phone, tablet or computer.

With CTS, you can be assured that your devices such as iPhones, Android mobiles, tablets, iPads, computers and laptops can be repaired and your day-to-day activities will keep ongoing.

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