Orichal Partners Host Blockchain VIP Invitational at Consensus: Singapore 2018

Orichal Partners — the first multi-strategy cryptocurrency investment and blockchain advisory firm in Asia — successfully hosted their Blockchain VIP Invitational event at Consensus: Singapore 2018 at Adrift by David Myers in the Marina Bay Sands.

Consensus Singapore is hosted by Coindesk and is one of the largest blockchain conferences in the world, bringing together investors, executives, and developers from across the globe. As part of the larger TechXLR8 Asia conference, Consensus Singapore featured 75 speakers and more than 50 sponsors. Over 8,000 people attended the broader TechXLR8 event, and Orichal Partners’ Blockchain VIP Invitational was a huge success.

The Orichal Partners Blockchain VIP Invitational

The Blockchain VIP Invitational included numerous high-caliber projects and industry leaders in the industry. Hosted along with co-hosts DNA, Event Protocol, #Chain, Allbit, and Hikari Mobility, the event was lauded as an excellent opportunity for collaboration and connections among some of the premier emerging projects.

Scottie Siu, the Managing Partner at Orichal Partners, commented:

“It was a pleasure to host the Blockchain VIP Invitational to end the final day of Consensus Singapore. We wanted to give back to the community who have supported us throughout our journey and helped us generate significant traction in the blockchain industry.”

The Orichal Partners team comes from an extensive background in institutional finance and investment with Siu having experience with firms like JP Morgan, Deutsche Bank, and some high-profile hedge funds. Orichal Partners seeks to provide guided private digital asset investment project advisory for ICOs and companies alike. According to Orichal Partners Hong Kong partner Anthony:

“Companies haven’t thought about how they will deal with balancing investors’ demands of getting the tokens listed versus managing their project’s roadmap with its associated ‘target price/return’ on their tokens. Unfortunately, most projects assume their tokens will moon without thinking about the token distribution when designing their composition. They also fail to consider the correct time of listing. For example, they will list when there’s no MVP or beta available.”

Marisol, Seoul’s ICO advisor, mirrors Anthony’s comments:

“Many come to us asking us to save them after listing. They should be planning ahead so we can strategize their market making with our marketing partners.”

The Blockchain VIP Invitational saw a slew of sponsors, investors, and companies participate along with media sponsor CoinsNetwork. Allbit, one of the co-hosts of the event was very pleased with the results:

“Orichal’s work is outstanding. After witnessing their experienced in-depth advice  catered to the projects we have worked with, we are happy to support them in the Korean market.”

DNA, a crypto and investment consulting firm, was also a co-host of the event and Cliff Sarkin of the project remarked:

“It is a true privilege to participate in Orichal sponsored blockchain events. The production value and caliber of hand-selected guests are consistently high, as are the depth of the connections and the number of follow-ups to be made. DNA was glad to partner with Orichal as an event co-host at Consensus Singapore, and we look forward to doing it again in the near future.”

Consensus Singapore will continue to build off its 2018 success. Participants in Orichal Partners’ Blockchain VIP International will look to evolve the professional connections that they made and work with Orichal Partners on their upcoming initiatives in the blockchain and digital asset sector.

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