Orbeon Protocol ($ORBN) set to skyrocket in 2023 thanks to newly-announced stage 5 of presale

Orbeon Protocol

Orbeon Protocol is a decentralized funding platform and launchpad, which allows retail investors to buy stakes in early stage crypto projects.  Orbeon Protocol sees themselves as disrupters to the current venture capitalist landscape, which currently only allows big firms such as Sequoia, Animoca brands, Pantera to get involved in web2 and web3 projects before they are launched on exchanges.  This concept is proving popular as Orbeon Protocol have now released 13% more tokens for sale at presale prices.

 How does Orbeon Protocol actually work?

 Orbeon Protocol is itself an early stage crypto project in presale, that investors can buy into directly from their website. When they go live, Orbeon Protocol will present carefully vetted projects to their community, allowing these startups to raise capital.  For safety and ease of use, Orbeon Protocol will mint an NFT that represents the amount of funding the company is seeking, and then fractionalize it and offer these fractions for sale.  The NFTs are hard coded with a ‘Fill or Kill’ mechanism, meaning that the community will not have to worry about their hard earned money going towards a project that doesn’t meet its funding goal.  In the case that this happens, the smart contract within the NFT will automatically refund everyone.

What unique features does Orbeon Protocol have?

There are already various launchpads that allow people to invest in early stage crypto projects.  However, Orbeon Protocol offers features and innovations that others do not. As previously discussed, they use f-NFTs, (fractionalized NFTs) which the team believe is more accessible to new investors, than the process offered by current launchpads.

Another very important feature is their built-in wallet.  If you’ve ever invested with another launchpad you will know that keeping track of project token launch dates and how and where to claim can be a confusing and time draining process.  Furthermore, investors need to have on-chain wallets for whichever chain a project launches on.  Orbeon Protocol avoids all of this with their wallet, which also features a swap and an exchange.

Getting money on-chain (and sometimes needing to use confusing bridges) is another lengthy process that Orbeon Protocol makes redundant, by offering an inbuilt on-ramp for fiat.

Another unique selling point of Orbeon Protocol is that you do not need to hold large amounts of their token to invest, unlike other competitors such as DAO maker that require their community to hold hundreds to hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of $DAO just to participate in funding rounds, and even then, many of the opportunities are still offered only by lottery. In contrast you do not need to hold $ORBN to invest in projects, meaning there is a very low barrier to entry.


$ORBN token utility

Whilst you do not need to hold $ORBN to get in on most funding rounds, there are many benefits to doing so, including being able to stake and receive rewards in $USDC (therefore avoiding selling pressure for $ORBN), trading fee discounts and cashback, and access to exclusive funding rounds, with no tiresome whitelisting hoops to jump through, unlike many of its competitors.

$ORBN’s first seed round began at $0.004 and is now on sale at $0.071, meaning that it has already delivered a 1675% increase for investors. Industry analysts predict a rise to $0.24, which would mean that the token will have increased by a market beating 6000% from its initial price.

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