Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) set to revolutionize crowdfunding, sells out first stage presale

Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) revolutionize crowdfunding

Crypto markets, Defi, and web3 have brought so many new opportunities for retail investors to participate in finance and technology, in ways that were previously only possible for institutions. Orbeon Protocol is a part of this paradigm shift, acting as a world-first decentralized investment platform. ORBN just sold out of its first phase of presale with a recorded 260% price increase, proving its concept before they have even gotten started.

What is Orbeon Protocol? 

Orbeon Protocol is a multichain launchpad that will allow investors to purchase a stake in early web2 and web3 projects. We’ve all seen those articles that tell us if only we had bought Apple stocks or Microsoft shares at such a time, we would now have X amount of profit.  But what about the people that got in before those companies even went public? This is where significant profits can be made, and this is what Orbeon Protocol is offering.

Ease of token claiming and vesting

Orbeon Protocol’s built-in wallet and exchange solve another problem investors have experienced with some launchpads, which is the process of actually claiming your tokens once they are released. Orbeon Protocol’s built-in wallet and exchange mean you can receive and trade coins, tokens, and NFTs all in one place, and should make the whole process much easier.


The benefits of Orbeon Protocol’s Fractionalised NFTs

Orbeon Protocol allows startups to mint and issues fractionalized, equity-backed NFTs as a form of fundraising with everyday investors. These can be purchased for as low as $1, and their value scales with the success of the startup. This allows everyday investors to get involved for relatively low capital, an advantage that is democratizing the venture capital and crowdfunding industry. 

As well as this, by using NFTs as a vehicle for investment, investors can enjoy a greater level of security as built into the NFT’s smart contract. The “Fill or Kill” mechanism automatically refunds 100% of invested capital to buyers if a funding round fails.

Other important features of the Orbeon Protocol

The Orbeon Protocol team is in this for the long haul, something proved by the fact that they are building in the crypto winter, a time which usually weeds out the fly-by-night projects.  The liquidity pool used for exchanging and staking ORBN, Orbeon Protocol’s native token, is locked for 10 years, meaning that it is rug pull-proof.  The team tokens are locked for 1 year, after which they will begin vesting quarterly.  Furthermore, their smart contract has been audited by Germany-based Solid Proof for security.

Orbeon Protocol is now in its second stage of funding with ORBN offered at $0.00144.  Industry analysts are predicting that the token could go as high as $0.24, a 6000% increase from phase 1.

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