Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) Presale Sees Investor Frenzy, Stellar (XLM) and Binance Coin (BNB) Holders Left Unhappy

Orbeon Protocol

Cryptocurrency prices have been on a wild ride for the past few weeks, with the hot new coin of the moment, Orbeon Protocol (ORBN), sending investors into a frenzy. Stellar (XLM) and Binance (BNB) holders have been jumping ship to get in on the Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) action, as the coin has seen its price surge over 300% in recent weeks.

Orbeon Protocol (ORBN)

Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) mixes traditional crowdfunding with revolutionary blockchain technology to connect everyday investors with startups around the world. ORBN is governed by smart contracts, allowing investors to support projects they believe in while earning rewards and gaining exposure to innovative technologies.

Startups can skip the hassle of traditional venture capital financing and connect directly with their target audience, gaining access to crucial funding while benefiting from the potential publicity. for investors, it means access to the best and brightest ideas in the tech industry, with the potential to receive a huge return on their investment.

This is all made possible with the use of fractionalized NFTs that represent the ownership of a startup’s equity. Traders can buy into projects and obtain their share of the profits when these startups eventually launch.

What role does ORBN play in this? ORBN tokens are the fuel that powers Orbeon Protocol, allowing users to access and interact with the platform. For example, holding ORBN grants the earliest access to new projects, as well as discounts on staking rewards when supporting startups.

Phase 1 of the public presale sent investors into a frenzy, and phase 2 is now underway with 30M tokens sold in just a few days. We can expect further explosive growth for ORBN as the project continues to gain more and more traction.


Stellar (XLM)

Stellar (XLM) is an open-source, distributed payment infrastructure. It provides a platform to facilitate low-cost and rapid international money transfers and is designed as an open-source blockchain protocol for digital asset exchange.

The XLM token enables users to send money anywhere in the world quickly and easily, at a significantly lower cost than traditional banking. XLM is also used as a bridge currency to facilitate exchange between different asset types on the network, such as fiat currencies and cryptocurrency.

While Stellar (XLM) is one of the original coins to join the cryptocurrency scene, it hasn’t developed into a major player like some of its peers. Founded in 2015, early investors are getting impatient, especially with Stellar (XLM) falling 90.52% in the last year.

Binance (BNB)

Binance (BNB) is the native token of the Binance exchange, which is one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world. It serves as a utility token to Binance users, allowing them to pay for discounted trading fees and other services. Additionally, it offers holders access to exclusive events such as airdrops and buybacks.

Binance (BNB) originally began as a cryptocurrency exchange but has now developed into much more. There’s the Binance Launchpad, which supports innovative blockchain projects and their token sales, the Binance Academy, an educational resource for cryptocurrency investors, as well as the NFT Marketplace, which allows users to buy and sell digital collectibles.

While Binance (BNB) is expanding on a consistent basis, the price of BNB is volatile and has seen a large slump during 2022. While Binance (BNB) is a ‘blue chip’ coin, many investors have been turning to Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) for more upside potential.

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