Orbeon Protocol Completes Smart Contract Audit, ORBN Expected To Surge

Orbeon Protocol Completes Smart Contract Audit

Investment platform Orbeon Protocol is poised to surge 6000% after completing a major milestone in its mission to disrupt the traditional venture capital and crowdfunding financial industry.

Orbeon Protocol, an upcoming decentralized venture capital and crowdfunding platform, has announced the completion of a smart contract audit by Solid Proof. A smart contract auditing company from Germany, Solid Proof is a respected name in the industry. Its audit generated transparent and thorough reports about every possible vulnerability in Orbeon Project’s code.

Orbeon successfully passed the review, completing a major milestone for the company. The audit will further the company’s commitment to building a secure and robust platform for venture capital and crowdfunding investment.

Orbeon Protocol – Democratizing Startup Investing

Orbeon Protocol aims to provide a way for new startups to get funded without going through traditional VC firms. Startups can raise money by minting and selling fractionalized NFTs to investors. These f-NFTs will give investors equity rights in the company, creating a more secure way to get funding.

The process of raising money for a startup can often be difficult and time-consuming. Traditional methods such as venture capital or private equity can be challenging to navigate, and can take a long time to produce results. This can be a major obstacle for startups that need to raise money quickly to take advantage of market timing. Orbeon Protocol aims to solve that problem using the crowdfunding model. Crowdfunding can be a more efficient way to get funding, as it allows startups to reach many potential investors at once and build a communityu

Orbeon Protocol enables smaller investors to get exposure to early-stage startups. So far, investment in early-stage companies was reserved for venture capital and high net-worth individuals. With fractional ownership, small investors can invest in startups from as little as $1. This will enable them to diversify their portfolio, while also getting exposure to potentially very high returns.


Increasing Security for Investors through Blockchain

Orbeon Protocol uses blockchain tech to increase security for investors. Unlike traditional crowdfunding platforms, the Orbeon Protocol has built-in smart contracts that will automatically refund investors if the startup doesn’t meet its fundraising goal.

Solid Proof will also be in charge of auditing every smart contract on the platform. These measures will ensure that investors are protected against malicious actors and hacks.

These features will allow Orbeon to capture a part of the growing and hugely profitable venture capital industry. Orbeon’s native token (ORBN) is currently in the first stage of its presale, selling for $0.004. Analysts expect it to soon reach $0.24, which is a 6000% jump!

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