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Optocouplers Market to Portray Rapid Growth Owing to Its High Demand in Variety of Applications : States Fact.MR

Introduction to the Global Optocouplers Market

An optocoupler is an electronic device that transmits electric signals between two circuits using light. Optocouplers are passive optical components that split or combine optical fibre transmission data. Optocouplers are used to protect components on one side of a circuit from damage caused by distorted transmission of high voltages or rapidly changing voltages on the other side of the circuit. A light-sensitive receiver, such as a single photo diode, photo-resistor, photo-SCR, photo-transistor, or photo-TRIAC, and a light emitter, the LED, make up optocouplers.

As a result, optocouplers include a light source, such as an LED, that converts electrical signals to light. The light then passes through a closed optical channel and a photo sensor, which detects the incoming light and either generates or modulates the electric current flowing from an external power source. AC and DC power control, signal isolation, PC communication, power supply regulation, and microprocessor input/output switching are all common applications for optocouplers. Phototransistor Optocouplers, High Performance Optocouplers, and Phototriac Optocouplers are three of the most common types of optocouplers.

Drivers and Challenges in the Global Optocouplers Market

Optocouplers are an important part of the automation process, and increased automation in the manufacturing sector is expected to propel the optocouplers market forward during the forecast period. Furthermore, growth in the industrial and automotive sectors is being seen in emerging countries, which is another factor expected to drive the optocouplers market. Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs) use optocouplers, and the rising demand for such vehicles is another factor driving the optocouplers market.

Optocouplers are also found in motors, renewable energy systems, and renewable energy sources like wind turbine inverters and solar inverters. Growing demand for these will help to boost renewable energy demand and growth around the world, as well as the optocoupler market.

Optocoupler components are subject to wear and tear, which is expected to limit the optocouplers market’s growth over the forecast period. Furthermore, optocouplers have low data rates and high power consumption, which is another factor limiting the optocoupler market’s growth.

Important Developments

The acquisition of Nesscap Energy, Inc., a technology provider of cells and modules for industrial applications, by Maxwell Technologies, Inc., a developer and manufacturer of capacitive energy storage and power delivery solutions, was completed in April 2017. Maxwell Technologies, Inc. will be able to provide more products and technologies to its global customer base as a result of this acquisition.

Regional Perspectives on the Global Optocouplers Market

North America, Latin America, Europe, CIS & Russia, Japan, APEJ, and the Middle East & Africa make up the optocouplers market.

North America has the largest market share, and the communication industry in North America will continue to grow as more people use the internet for social media, video chatting, online gaming, and online shopping. As a result, during the forecast period, North America will continue to dominate the optocouplers market.

The demand for optocouplers for motor control, industrial robots, and power supplies is expected to grow significantly in Asia Pacific during the forecast period.

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