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OptionsSwing Inc.: The #1 Educational Options Trading Community In The World

OptionsSwing is a member subscription service for individuals looking to educate themselves on different aspects within the stocks trading industry. Founded by Jason Lee and co-founded by Jose Infante, the Miami-based company has been running since August of 2019 and has amassed over 2,000 members. OptionsSwing offers a monthly membership, a yearly membership, and an in-depth video course that comes with access to a private server for members to network.

The company’s creation stems back to Jason’s experience with the stock market. Before he began his own venture, he worked at a Fortune 500 company. During this time, Jason invested in stock to diversify and grow his portfolio. After a few years of trading, he had learned a vast amount about the industry, and during one of his best years, he made over $400,000 while also working full-time.

Jason began sharing his strategies with close friends and taught them everything he was learning from the market. However, this eventually became too time-consuming, and it wasn’t easy to keep up with all of the threads. Jason’s solution to this was creating an Instagram where he could share everything in one place for his friends. This also allowed him the opportunity to reach a wider audience, and within no time, his following began to snowball and grow at a quick pace.

A year after its creation in 2019, OptionsSwing had reached 100,000 followers, before growing further and reaching 150,000 followers just three months later. During this time, The company was also growing its website,, where they offer their multiple membership packages.

Jason and Jose have spent time creating a positive environment for every member who joins them, and they encourage everyone to ask questions, analyze, and learn. Each day they do real-time trading and teach by example, rather than words, with the goal of having each member learn the skills necessary to continually beat the market.

OptionsSwing has employed a team of fifteen individuals to help with the growing number of members to help teach students and moderate the Discord for premium members. This has been an excellent investment for the business that now has extra help and the employees who now have full-time jobs during this ongoing pandemic. It’s been a win-win situation for everyone, and the company has plans to grow its staff further.

With a motto of “Education first, profit second,” the company has been thorough in its research of all things related to the stock market. Providing members with the most recent and highest quality information is their top priority, which explains the 170+ five-star reviews on Google that they’ve amassed.

For now, OptionsSwing is mainly online, as it gives them an easier time reaching their audience and growing the business. Eventually, they may open a physical location, though their current systems are working out just fine. In terms of possible goals, there are a few that the company is working toward accomplishing.

Once things with the pandemic slow down, and more restrictions are lifted, they hope to host live seminars to allow their analysts the chance to teach attendees all the essential parts of the trading industry. Another goal is to release a book that breaks down the complexities of options trading and offers readers the information to scale within the industry.

OptionsSwing has only been in business for a little over a year, but they are already becoming one of the leading and fastest-growing educational options trading communities. They hope to continue helping their members worldwide and don’t have plans of slowing down any time soon.

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