Open XDR Innovator Stellar Cyber Launches InterSTELLAR Partner Program For Resellers

InterSTELLAR Partner Program For Resellers

Stellar Cyber’s Open Extended Detection and Response (Open XDR) platform unites the top security solutions and helps security teams identify and remediate problems early ⁠— regardless of the ever-growing attack surfaces and increased number of cyber threats.

Gartner considers XDR technology to be one of the most critical technologies that CISOs should pay attention to in 2023.

Upon the requests of distributors and resellers of the platform, Stellar Cyber decided to offer more than a product ⁠— they are introducing today an additional program that aids distributors and resellers to stir up the scaling XDR market.

How Does The InterSTELLAR Partner Program Aid Companies?

The new partnership program for distributors simplifies the reselling process of the platform.

Customers are already acutely aware of the increasing number of cyber incidents and get to read about them daily. Pair that with companies that are always on the lookout for the tools that secure their services more effectively.

To keep up with it and help their overworked security solutions, they understand how teams can benefit from the cybersecurity solutions that simplify the process of securing the business ⁠— such as Open XDR.

However, it can be overwhelming to make a decision as to which solution to choose from in order to prevent cyber incidents within their business. 

This is where distributors who want to help businesses strengthen their security come in.

“The opportunity around cybersecurity-as-a-service continues to grow, and demand for XDR is on the rise as more and more companies look to channel partners to help them become more secure and digitally fit,” said Don Scott, Director, Emerging Business Group, Advanced Solutions, Ingram Micro. “Stellar Cyber’s new program provides the training, enablement, and flexibility channel partners need to confidently grow and expand their cyber practice—earning them more business with existing customers and attracting new ones.”

As a result, the businesses that partner with Stellar Cyber can now get all the resources they need to sell effectively as well as provide the client with more value and change their business from the ground up. 

The InterSTELLAR Program 5-STAR and STAR levels reward partners with Market Development Funds (MDFs), lead sharing, SPIFF programs (paid to both sales reps and SEs), and a partner portal that offers a library of collateral, sales tools, campaign ideas, and more.

How Can Companies Get 5 Stars? 

The InterSTELLAR Partner Program is divided into two tiers – the STAR and 5-STAR levels. Any Stellar Cyber partner can achieve 5-STAR certification. 

However, they do have to invest more time in training and obtain certain certifications to get there.

Partners are already lining up to get their Stellar-approved 5-STARS.

“We are very enthusiastic about working with Stellar Cyber and becoming a 5-STAR InterSTELLAR partner,” said Kelly Leazenbee, Vice President of Strategic Alliances at Sayers. “The InterSTELLAR program helps us deliver world-class solutions and services – it’s simple, channel-centric, and will help us to continue meeting the needs and priorities of our customers – winner!”

Some see it favorably for ROI goals and as a way to increase their value to their customers.

“We are thrilled about being a 5-star InterSTELLAR partner as we aggressively move into cybersecurity services,” said Jeff Kremer, Manager, Business Development/Partner Management at Pomeroy. “The program helps train our people and ensures that we offer real value to our customer base, which in turn means we are seeing faster ROI. This is why we will be winning new business with Stellar Cyber in 2023.”

The 5-STAR level’s additional benefits include:

  • Access to SDR resources to pursue target accounts
  • White glove enablement team 
  • Branded Cybersecurity Academy for Open XDR training and certification
  • Participation in the Stellar Cyber University Partnership Program
  • Participation in the Stellar Cyber TalentHub Program
  • Access to a network of MSSPs for fully and/or co-managed security services 

Final Thoughts

Open XDR is the future of cybersecurity. Stellar Cyber’s InterSTELLAR Partner Program helps resellers and distributors to prepare companies for the coming times and make their services safer when facing modern-day cyber threats.

As mentioned, the XDR market is rapidly growing since there’s a high demand for products that simplify and facilitate security management for professionals.

Stellar Cyber already has one of the top-performing and well-developed Open XDR platforms that are currently on the market.

With the new program, Stellar Cyber helps its partners to become more adept as they resell the platform and take over the XDR market. It aids them in separating themselves from the competition and cutting through the noise.

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