Open source VueJS projects you should check out

You’ve already heard on multiple occasions how elegant and progressive the Vue.js frameworks are. We won’t pile up on the compliments but provide you with actual evidence on the matter. Let us present you with a list of successful open-source projects completed with Vue.js. You can also check their popularity on the GitHub site, and even get some free resources for your next Vue.js project.

Vue Element Admin

PanJia Chen used Vue in combination with Element UI to create this beautiful front-end admin dashboard. A competitive edge is that the tool is also production ready. Next, he equipped it with valuable features. Examples include permission authentication, internationalization, login/logout, tables, dynamic breadcrumbs, and more. The project structure is there, you just need to start developing.


Vuemmerce is a very popular eCommerce template developed by Ivan Lori. He created it with several frameworks, including Vue.js, Bulma, and Nuxt.jt. The template is open-source and free to use. 

Awesome Vue.js

This curated content list is developed and managed by Vue.js. New developers are encouraged to use it to get acquainted with Vue and make optimal use of it. Experienced developers, on the other hand, can look it up for inspiration and examples. The content is vast and very diverse, but there is a repository table that will help you find your way around it. 


You’ve certainly heard of Element. This is the leading UI toolkit to use with Vue.js 2. The efficient and very controllable set is delivered by ElemeFE and used foremost for web and desktop applications. We’d recommend skipping it for mobile development. 


VuePress was presented by Evan You, the same developer who came up with Vue.js. This is his static site generator that integrates smoothly with Google, and can therefore help you create an SEO-friendly site. The tool is minimalist in appearance, but the functionalities are top-notch. You are offered multi-language support, as well as webpack and access to VueRouter. You can combine it with Nuxt and create apps. Next thing you know, you will be offering Vue JS application development services


Eplee specializes in electronic publications and the modern delivery of information. Think of it as an ePub reader that will guide your visitors and offer a smooth, unobstructed reading experience. It was created using Vue.js and Electron.js. 


If you are looking for a free yet efficient API request builder, look no further. The appearance is just as stunning as the speed, and you get access to both REST API support and GraphQL support. The tool also documents your API against the minimum effort, and you can configure it any way you want. It comes with internationalization and authentication, despite being free of charge. No wonder it has so many users. 


Faviator will help you create a library for your icons. Once you’ve passed the configuration, you can format your files in PNG, JPG SVG, or any of the other available formats. The icons will then appear on the website as screenshots, and you can use any Google font you want. 


Salomoneli specializes in creating astonishing and very responsive CVs. There are all sorts of templates available, most of them built via Vue.js and LESS. Once the user creates the resume, he can interchange templates until he finds the appropriate one.


Beep is there to keep your website secure. It runs regular security checks and makes sure all passwords are protected. The background is fairly simple. Each and every time, the inserted credentials are compared to the main database to ensure there are no information leaks. It does so thanks to an SHA-1 algorithm that remembers but doesn’t store sign-in credentials.


Statusfy is a popular status page system delivered as a web application. It combines Vue.js with Tailwind CSS and Nuxt to let you customize the interface, and change the themes.


We recommend IView to developers experienced with Single File Components. It will enrich their toolkit with additional UI components for state-of-the-art documentation. It comes with a user-friendly API, and you can easily combine it with Starter Kit.


Developers often choose Direcuts as their main CMS tool. The reason is it is straightforward to use. With 9.6k starts on GitHub, this CMS certainly deserves your attention. Its main quality is database synchronization. The tool creates SQL databases and updates your website/app automatically for every change you make. 


Here comes a spreadsheet tool you can use to sort and filter records. It will help you develop unique data grid components, and perform all essential operations (create, delete, read or update). 


If you are a fan of Element, give this tool a try. The features and functionalities are pretty much the same, but there is also TypeScript support.


If you use Prettier, all of your coding style concerns will disappear. This powerful code format works for all styles and tools and supports all languages. You can apply it to any Vue.js file you need, and even incorporate it on your browser with Emacs, VisualStudio, or WebStorm.


The interface of this AdminLTE product is based on Bootstrap 3. It is, in fact, a very responsive and powerful dashboard template with a unique resolution. It is even compatible with all desktop sizes and mobile screens. 


Twill is another efficient open-source CMS too. It is a combination of prebuilt Vue.js components and features and comes with a flexible design. Thanks to it, you can design your admin console and adjust the publishing requirements. It gained only 2000 GitHub starts, but it looks very promising.


Docsify can be used to document any product. It also offers multiple API plugins which can be implemented to enable full-text search. Check it out and see how it can improve your next project.


GeonGeorge’s iHateRegex lets you visually represent all regular expressions. The testing area can examine regex strings, as well as embed visualizations directly on the website. Developers are working on enabling users to share and save regexes in the future. 


Epiboard can be used to create an interactive dashboard and share all the latest trends and updates. It is quite useful for displaying RSS feeds, Google trends, downloads, weather information, and more. 


Koel is Vue.js’s main music streaming server. It comes with a drag-and-drop API and a CSS grid and makes use of the latest web development technologies. 


We reserved yet another cool open-source CMS for the end. This time, Vue.js and Symfony components were brought together to create a modular and flexible tool. It lets you modify and present content on your website or app in the desired manner. 

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