Open-Source Apps That Have Good Privacy In Place

Good Privacy

Unfortunately there’re open-source apps that participate in mass surveillance and do not respect your privacy. Use our list for the best open-source apps for discretion…

YaCy – Unique web search app

YaCy is a web search engine that’s been created by the people for the people. Anybody can use YaCy to build a search portal; it’s completely decentralised; meaning all members are equal to one and other.

Etherpad – Edit documents

This online editor can be used collaboratively in real-time for anything from to-do lists to press releases. 

Startpage – World’s most private search engine

Startpage is a search engine that does not collect any of your personal information or share it. Complete privacy is assured. 

Bitmessage – Encrypted messaging

Bitmessage communication works via simple addresses generated from public keys meaning identity can remain unknown. 

RiseUp – Online communication for social change

RiseUp provides tools, such as email and VPN, for those working on libratory social change. The goal is a democratic alternative through the ability to control our own secure communication. 

Icedove – Thunderbird alternative

Icedove is a version of Mozilla’s Thunderbird. Features include; phishing protection, advanced search, downloadable themes, and a junk filter.

Enigmail – Simple OpenPGP email security  

Enigmail is an extension to Mozilla’s Thunderbird and SeaMonkey. It adds security via being able to compose and receive emails that are encrypted with the OpenPGP standard. 

GnuPG – The real crypto engine

GnuPG should be used as a backend to other applications. Benefits include; full replacement of PGP, full OpenPGP implementation, and easy introduction of new algorithms through extension modules.

Seeks – Personalised stream of search results

Seeks is a decentralised platform for collaborative searching.  It creates a personal profile about you to filter results. This is generated based on your web navigation, queries, and results selection.

OwnCloud – Your cloud, your data, your way! 

OwnCloud makes it easy to access your files wherever you are. You can sync your files across all devices and edit them via the web.

Friendica – Social Network that cares

This is the private alternative to social network websites, meaning no unwanted people will contact you. 

Jitsi – Secure video calls

This is beneficial for businesses sharing high-security information because video and conference calls are secure.

Mailvelope – Exchange encrypted emails

This app allows you to exchange encrypted emails and can be easily implemented into your webmail interface; whether you use Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, or Outlook. Great if communicating about crypto investments or other private matters.

WebPG – Safe way of using cryptographic methods

WebPG brings GnuPG and PGP to your web browser. It provides an easy and safe way of using cryptographic methods. 

GNUzilla IceCat – Mozilla replica

GNUzilla is the GNU version of the Mozilla suite, whilst IceCat is this version of the Firefox browser. These are free and don’t have costly software or plug-ins as Mozilla does. 

Retroshare – Communicate securely with friends

Retroshare is your solution for secure chat and file sending with friends and family. 

SparkleShare – Secure file syncing 

SparkleShare generates a special folder on your PC whereby you can add remotely hosted folders. Encryption makes it great for preventing spying on your files too. 

Ethercalc – Web spreadsheet 

Secure method of editing and sharing data; from brainstorming sessions to inventories to surveys. 

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