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Open Sesame Control Panel – Hidden Cookie Clicker Hack You Didn’t Know

Open Sesame Control Panel – Hidden Cookie Clicker Hack You Didn’t Know

Cookie Clicker is a popular incremental game where the goal is to bake as many cookies as possible by clicking on a big cookie and purchasing upgrades and buildings. The majority of the people who play this game have said that while the standard version of the game is fun, you can’t deny that the best cookie clicker hack makes the game even more fun.

Available for Android devices and PCs, this clicking-and-tapping game is quite a fun one to indulge in, especially if you are looking for some serious stress-busting. The main objective of this game is to collect enough points so you can buy upgrades in the game.

This article will explore more about the top hacks of Cookie Clicker that you can implement to get access to more perks.

What is the Open Sesame Tool on Cookie Clicker?

Open Sesame is a secret control panel in Cookie Clicker that can be opened by adding the phrase “saysopensesame” to the end of your bakery’s name. It can also be opened by using the console command Game.OpenSesame();.

With the Open Sesame panel, the users can access a variety of perks and benefits, including:

  • Spawn different types of Golden Cookies with the available power you want.
  • Enable debug upgrade options
  • Change and customize the game settings
  • View the game’s code as per your requirements

Simply knowing about the basics of Open Sesame control on Cookie Clicker isn’t enough if you don’t have an idea about the features. So, let us explain those in detail.

What are the Features of Cookie Clicker Open Sesame Cheat Tool?

If you are accessing the Cookie Clicker Open Sesame cheat tool, being aware of the features will help you implement the hack better.

Following are the tools you should be aware of.

Gives you an award

The most important perk or benefit that you get to experience with the Cookie Clicker Open Sesame Cheat tool is that the moment you enable it, the game awards you with perks instantly. The instant award that you get is the Cheated Cookies Taste Awful. The moment you enable this cheat, the award is added to the game irrespective of whether you have the cheat functionality enabled or not.

Golden cookies

We briefly mentioned this but enabling the Open Sesame Cheat tool allows the player to consistently spawn golden cookies with a tap of a button. When you click on it, it allows you to decide what power the cookie will bring you.

Modifiable upgrades

What’s great about using this particular cheat/upgrade is that it allows the players to modify certain requirements in the game without any hassle or complaints, which is a bonus. For example, you can decide how many cookies you’d need for the upgrade and how much it will speed up the cookie production production.

Remove or add upgrades

With a single click of a button, you have a direct option to be able to add or remove upgrades from the game, which is again one of the few perks and benefits that you get to experience with this particular Cookie Clicker hack.

How to Make the Cookie Clicker Open Sesame Tool Hack to Work?

Now that you have a comprehensive understanding of the Cookie Clicker Open Sesame Took hack, you’d need some tips on how to use it. If that’s the case with you, we have all the tips sorted out for you here.

Follow the steps to access the Open Sesame control panel on Cookie Clicker:

  • Open Cookie Clicker’s official website first.
  • Next, you have to tap on your bakery’s name and then enter “saysopensesame” exactly as it is mentioned.
  • Once you have entered that and you are sure that there are no grammatical errors, go ahead and tap on Confirm.
  • This will open the Open Sesame panel, wherein you will have a separate option to either hide or show the control panel.
  • From there, you have to pick the option that you want.
  • Apply the relevant changes to the game after that.

Enabling this will allow you to enjoy all the amazing perks and powerful features that come with the Open Sesame control panel that you most likely didn’t know about.

Note: One thing before you enable this feature is to ensure that you create a local backup of the game’s progress. Sometimes, enabling certain cheats ends up affecting the game’s progress and you might lose it too.


The Open Sesame Hidden Control panel in Cookie Clicker is a hack that not many gamers are aware of. However, with the wide range of perks that it offers, we’d 100% recommend that you give this a try to elevate your overall gameplay experience while you are smashing the big cookie to create smaller ones for upgrades.


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