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OnTrajectory Review 2023: Take Charge of Your Financial Future

OnTrajectory Review: Take Charge of Your Financial Future

OnTrajectory is one of the most aptly named platforms on the market. The name asks a simple, yet profound question: “Are you on trajectory to be where you want to be in 10 to 30 years?”

With all the research on the importance of habits, we should know that planning for retirement is a daily decision–something we choose to do every day. But it’s hard to be that intentional.

Fortunately, OnTrajectory helps keep us on track. They do all the heavy lifting, however, they don’t manage your money for you.

In this OnTrajectory review, we will highlight the ins and outs of the platform so you can discern if it’s the right fit.

An OnTrajectory Crash Course

Founded in Baltimore–and described as a “personal financial GPS”– OnTrajectory is an online financial planning tool that aims to help users create and manage long-term financial plans.

It provides a unique and intuitive way to help users project and manage their financial future through detailed simulations, easy tracking of multiple accounts and a suite of personal financial management tools.

The platform offers users the flexibility to see and simulate changes in their finances based on various scenarios. You can input different factors such as expenses, income, taxes, investments and more to paint a portrait of what your finances will look like in the future.

With accurate predictions based on intelligent algorithms, you can make informed decisions about their financial management.

OnTrajectory Review: The Features

One of the most striking features of OnTrajectory is its usability. It provides an interactive and user-friendly interface that is engaging and easy to navigate.

Even though it is a powerful financial tool, the onboarding process is quite simple, and the navigation menu is easy to understand. OnTrajectory automatically categorizes and labels different income sources, expenses and investments, helping users to see a clear and comprehensive overview of their financial status.

The platform also comes with an intuitive net worth tracker, providing a quick snapshot of a user’s overall financial status.

Another feature that makes OnTrajectory unique is its ability to simulate different financial scenarios. You can simulate various situations based on future expenses like saving for a new house or a child’s college tuition. Additionally, you can simulate changes that could impact your financials such as job loss, a significant investment or a sudden expense.

OnTrajectory gives you an idea of how these events can impact your finances and help you avoid them.

Other features of OnTrajectory include:

  • View and analyze spending habits – OnTrajectory provides a summary of your financial activities over a specific period, with categories like entertainment, food, transportation, bills and insurance. This feature enables you to analyze your spending patterns and make adjustments where necessary.
  • Personal finance teacher – OnTrajectory’s personal finance teacher can help you understand different financial concepts. It provides a range of articles, tutorials and webinars that help you improve your financial literacy. These resources cover topics such as investment, personal finance basics, retirement planning, taxes and much more.

How Much Does OnTrajectory Cost?

One of the few areas where OnTrajectory may not meet users’ expectations is the cost–OnTrajectory does not come with a basic, free plan like other platforms such as NewRetirement. To enjoy the full range of personalized features of OnTrajectory, you need to subscribe to a premium plan called the PowerPlan.

This offers users access to more features like financial projections with multiple scenarios, customizable goals, tax planning, and other advanced financial tools. However, the price of the premium plan could be a turn-off for many users.

The PowerPlan does, however, come with a 14-day free trial before it starts charging you. But looking on the bright side, it’s not a hefty monthly charge. The PowerPlan has two options:

  • $5/mo or $60 per year
  • $9/mo or $108 annually

With one of these plans, you get unlimited access to all the tools OnTrajectory offers. This includes running as many scenarios as you want, savings plans and goal tracking.

Who is OnTrajectory For?

Put simply, OnTrajectory is for anyone who wants to take charge of their financial well-being. You don’t need to be a financial advisor or a rocket scientist to understand the platform–all you need is a computer.

That being said, OnTrajectory is catered specifically to a younger audience who are planning for the long term. Despite this, it is still helpful for anyone.

Regardless of where you are with your finances, OnTrajectory can provide an accurate picture of what your financial future will look like.

Final Thoughts

OnTrajectory is an excellent financial management tool that meets the needs of both beginners and professionals.

Its interactive interface, easy navigation and powerful financial forecasting tools make it a top-rated financial management platform. Creating a financial plan is a significant step toward financial freedom. And OnTrajectory is the perfect tool to help you take that step.

If you’re ready to get started with OnTrajectory, click here and you can take charge of your financial future within minutes.

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