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Only the Best: Home Service Marketing Strategies to Prepare for 2023

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The digital marketing strategies of a home service business are dynamic, as with other companies in Canada. But unlike in an industry that manufactures or supplies products, customers of a home service business purchase a service based on the perceived value they can get. This means that service marketing is different from general marketing. Whatever your specialty is, whether financial services, telecommunications, entertainment services, or wildlife control in Barrie, from a buyer’s perspective, what matters is not the skill competency level; instead, it’s the results.

Through the years, business and marketing have become more diverse, inclusive, and customer-focused. The year 2022 has seen an increase in home service businesses and an acceleration of ideas, strategies, and creative projects. These may be due to the need to find alternative business solutions to survive a changed economic and social scenario caused by the pandemic. The end of this year also signifies a trend in digital marketing.

So, how do you market your home services in 2023? This article looks at how service marketing is different from product marketing. In addition, we will provide you with practical strategies for positioning yourself in the year 2023. Let’s dive right into them.

How Is Service Marketing Different From Product Marketing?

The apparent difference is that products are tangible while services are not. For example, a pest control store differs from a company that offers wildlife removal in Toronto. In the first case, you make a purchase, but in the second, you hire an expert.

To further clarify, service marketing is built on different strategies when a business is developing its marketing efforts:

  1. Trust – When advertising a product to a target audience, your main selling point is the product itself. With service marketing, on the other hand, you use words (specifically other people’s words) to establish trust between you and your customers.
  2. Testimonials – Like the testimonials at, a great home service provider, people like to trust other reviews. They tend to believe other people’s comments before committing to hiring a service.
  3. Process – Part of your value proposition is how you deliver your service to produce the desired result.
  4. Customization – Personalized solutions are core to service marketing. You must satisfy your customers and maintain your service scope, borders, and structure. Although there is a limit to customized services, customers will expect service providers to be flexible.

Marketing Strategies for Your Home Service Business in 2023

Digital marketing strategies begin with understanding your target audience and identifying your service’s advantages and disadvantages. The following are some of the key marketing strategies you should consider in 2023:

  • Prioritize giving a great customer experience through content marketing

With content marketing, you provide relevant, fact-based, and valuable information. Although every year is a customer’s year, we’re seeing a massive shift in beliefs about what marketing is. Instead of convincing people to hire your experience, it’s transitioned into providing fantastic customer experiences that will keep them coming back for more.

Content online has evolved into a powerful tool in the hands of consumers. They no longer wait for you to explain your services; instead, they research on their own and decide what type of information they should consume and which company they should hire. With this, you have to offer more than information. Customer service needs to be friendly, convenient, knowledgeable, and efficient to meet people’s needs.

  • Concentrate on the interactions between your employees and your customers

Businesses are driven by their employees. With a home service company, concentrate on the interactions between employees and customers to improve your marketing strategy. To create great customer service, you must ensure that your employees understand and align with your brand’s goals and values. 

  • Implement real-time messaging with your customers

As briefly mentioned, 1 of the core elements of service marketing is personalizing the delivery of your solutions through your expertise. This is a secret to building trust while making your clients return for more of your services. An excellent way to do this is by doing real-time messaging with prospects. 

Discover several tools that will help you better understand your potential customers. You can develop a customized sales strategy based on the data you’ve collected while chatting with customers. This will allow your business to expand and make your customers feel that your service is exclusively designed for them.

  • Attract users with video-based content

Pre-recorded and live videos in the marketing arena are expected to grow in popularity by 2023. They’re prevalent among consumers, especially when they want to learn about new products or services.

Consumers are likely to leave a website with long text on it. They prefer either live videos or moving graphics since they provide plenty of information in a short timeframe. Don’t forget to include the top selling points in your videos.

  • Leverage influencer marketing

Another way to engage your audience is to take advantage of influencer marketing. Social media influencers have extensive media reach that will create a buzz about your home service business. This marketing strategy allows you to attract maximum customers to your business.

You only need to hire an influencer who will resonate with the same niche as your business. Select someone with a substantial following so you can affordably spread your brand’s message, reaching many potential customers. If the influencer promotes their brand, you can strike a deal with them to market their business in return for money or complimentary services from yours.

  • Make use of email marketing

In 2023, email marketing will still be one of the most compelling digital marketing tools. 82% of marketers say that email newsletters are still their go-to method for promoting their brand.

Email marketing repeatedly comes in handy, especially with content often failing to reach people through social media because it is heavily filtered. With emails, your home service business can convey your message directly without the threat of being brushed aside due to privacy and filters.

  • Learn about AI marketing

More and more businesses utilize innovative tools like artificial intelligence (AI) to increase brand awareness. AI marketing is an excellent way to store the data of your prospects so you can make automated and informed decisions within seconds.

With AI marketing, you can observe your audience, economic trends, and other aspects that may affect your marketing efforts. Through it, you’ll be sure to target the right pool of customers at the right time.

  • Work with a reliable web design agency

Working with a reliable digital marketing agency (assuming you haven’t done it yet) is an excellent way to scale your home service business in 2023. They will create various innovative digital marketing strategies suitable for your business by incorporating all digital marketing trends. A competent digital marketing and web design agency will always have something up its sleeves to get you the right customers and a high return on investment (ROI). They’ll take care of the strategies you can’t handle while keeping you well abreast of the emerging trends you should incorporate for your business growth.

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