Onliner Metaverse’s Platform Lets Users Turn their Likeness into an NFT

Onliner Metaverse’s Platform

The NFT market has seen a massive explosion in popularity within the last few years, with countless industries, celebrities, and more releasing their own unique tokens. 

As an example of how large the NFT market has become, in quarter three of 2021 alone, the market reached nearly $11 Billion. This year has seen just as much success for this innovative and accessible form of investing, with an estimated 250,000 people trading NFTs each month on OpenSea.

With the popularity of NFTs growing, there are always new and exciting use cases, with many collections sporting new and different ways of utilizing these tokens. 

Onliner Metaverse is taking NFTs and making them even more accessible to the general public by adding personalization. 

The project will release a collection of NFTs that feature different things that an online person would look like, use, or have. With these customization options, Onliner Metaverse will attempt to make an NFT collection that allows users to find digital characters that resemble them to help build a connection to the avatars.

These personalized NFTs will help the industry reach a new market by adding a fun and accessible way for users to interact with their tokens. The collection Onliners Metaverse is launching will have a total of 8000 NFTs available to mint.

The project will also have hundreds of unique features for users to enjoy. They will also launch a large selection of costumes and gadgets from numerous online communities like digital assets, artists, gamers, anime, social, students, businesses, music, writer, events, developers, and more.    

Onliners Metaverse’s Roadmap

Onliners Metaverse has many upcoming plans to significantly expand its offerings and ecosystem, creating a unique, comprehensive NFT experience. Here is a quick overview of the projects plans:  

Onliners Community

The first step in Onliners Metaverse’s plan is to create a dedicated and strong community to help promote the project’s longevity. The project will flourish through the community’s help, ensuring all of its future ambitions will more easily be realized. The team will foster this community by hosting AMA’s, organizing events, and having a transparent business model, establishing a solid bond between the founding team and community members in the process. 

Onliners Treasure Vault

Onliner Metavers plans to save 15% of OpenSea royalties revenue through the different plans they offer, encouraging even more support from their community. 

As an example, there are many who do not have the capital to buy their own Onliner friend due to the price hike after mint. Because of this, Onliner Metaverse will do giveaways for the community to ensure that those who cannot afford their own Onliner can still join the community. They will also host online events and in person meetups with significant people from within the NFTs space to allow the community to collaborate, share, and learn!

Onliners Merchainse 

To encourage the community to feel as if they are part of the project and its ambitions both in real life and online, Onliner Metaverse will allow members to decide what merchandise they want. There will be a voting system that will allow users to pick their most wanted merchandise and the most voted NFTs will appear on it. The project will also collaborate with many large clothing brands in the future. 

Onliners Season 2

Onliner Metaverse will have a second season launch with all new NFTs that are animated and have varying traits. Token holders and long-time community members will have an increased chance of receiving this new set of NFTs. 

Onliners Charity

As the project progresses, they want to give back to those in need. The Onliners Team will donate $50,000 to known NGOs to allow those in less fortunate countries to purchase necessities like learning tools and computers. 

This is just the start of Onliners Metaverse’s loft plans. They are creating a fun online virtual game that allows users to use their NFTs as an avatar, with custom attributes, strengths and abilities. 

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