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Online Sales of Beef Meatainers to Register High Volume CAGR in Meatainers Market – Fact.MR Study

Meatainers Market

In the worldwide food business, the importance of packing containers in the storage and transportation of fresh or processed meat is growing. Meat producers all across the world respect the importance of these “Beef Meatainers” in preventing secondary contamination of meat while also providing the necessary strength and durability.

Fact. Beef Meatainers sales are expected to generate over US$ 210 million in income by the end of 2026, according to MR. In the next years, however, the survey predicts a moderate increase in demand for Beef Meatainers. In terms of volume, the global market for Beef Meatainers is expected to grow at a modest CAGR of 4.4 percent from 2017 to 2026.

Global Beef Meatainers Market: Key Deterrents for Growth

  • Beef Meatainers are commonly used to store and transport huge quantity of meat due to their heavy duty nature; nevertheless, their rigidity makes transportation difficult.
  • A fundamental flaw in the majority of Beef Meatainers created around the world is the lack of adequate handling characteristics.
  • Meat processing plants and raw meat manufacturing facilities are merging, reducing the need for Beef Meatainers for short-term storage and single-trip transportation.
  • Furthermore, Beef Meatainers manufacturers face difficulties in replacing low-cost staples with pricey high-performance adhesives to eliminate the possibility of secondary contamination.

Several businesses are attempting to fuel their expansion by offering bespoke solutions. Making Beef Meatainers production cost-effective is another significant tactic used by market players to deal with the impact of such deterrents.

Beef Meatainers for Beef and Chicken Packaging to Represent Half of Global Market Volume throughout the forecast period

The study predicts that Beef Meatainers will be widely used in the packaging of raw beef and chicken. More than half of all Beef Meatainers offered on the global market will be utilised in the packaging of chicken and beef by 2026.

Block-bottomed liners and speciality tape integrated banding are used in the construction of corrugated boxes to keep the freshness of chicken and beef intact.

Manufacturers are also enhancing security features by employing high-performance adhesive tapes, reducing contamination hazards. Pork packaging is also seeing an increase in the use of such Beef Meatainers.

Over the projected period, sales of Beef Meatainers for pig packaging are expected to grow at a stable volume CAGR of 5.2 percent, according to the report.

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