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Online Retail to accelerate the Automated Intralogistics Material Handling Solutions Market

With e-Commerce vertical booming due to an unprecedented increase in the number of people shopping online post-Covid era, there won’t be anything to look back for automated intralogistics material handling solutions market in the forecast period. Persistence Market Reseacrh has walked through these facts with insights in its latest market study entitled “Automated Intralogistics Material Handling Solutions Market”.

How is the Automated Intralogistics Material Handling Solutions Market categorized?

The global automated intralogistics material handling solutions market, by type of automation, spans remote-operated and in-built machinery. By type of equipment, it’s AGVs, conveyor systems, AMR robots, robotic stations, picking & sortation systems, stacker cranes, racking systems, and palletizing robots. Application-wise, it’s storage (mobile racking systems, flow racking systems, compact storage systems, cantilever racking system, FIFO racking systems, multi-tier storage systems, slotted angle racking systems, very narrow aisle racking systems, and palletizing racking systems), dispatch, and sorting & conveying.

By end-use, it’s manufacturing (tires, automotive, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, textile, food & beverages, consumer goods, and likewise), e-Commerce, retail FMCG storage and distribution, 3PL, cold chain storage, and couriers & parcels. Persistence Market Research has mentioned about these findings along with future courses of action in its latest market study entitled “Automated Intralogistics Material Handling Solutions Market”.

Region-wise Slingshot

North America holds the largest market share as the US is home to numerous key players that influence the market dynamics on a positive note. The trend observed over here is that of shift to IoT production at a small scale. This calls for increasing number of small-sized warehouses along with growth in number of 3PL operators. MEA is also not behind. This could be attributed to loads of companies reaping various advantages from automation of logistics. Applications range from retail FMCG to the pharmaceuticals. Europe stands second with Germany leading from the front in line with Industry 4.0.


The Asia-Pacific is expected to grow on an exceptional note in the automated intralogistics material handling solutions market due to rapid developments on this front. The remote control technology could help container handling equipment, gantry cranes, coil handling equipment, aand overhead cranes. Persistence Market Research has entailed these findings with emphasis on corrective measures to be taken through its latest market study entitled “Automated Intralogistics Material Handling Solutions Market”.

The Competitive Stuffing

Persistence Market Research has profiled the key players in automated intralogistics material handling solutions market as Daifuku, Toyota Industries, SSI Schaefer, Honeywell International, KUKA John Bean Technologies, Hanwha, Jungheinrich, Hyster-Yale Material Handling, TGW Logistics, Beumer, KNAPP, Murata Machinery, and Viastore. It has gone further with mentioning about the latest developments. For instance – Vanderlande, in November 2020, inked a contract with Udea (Dutch organic food retailer) for executing goods-to-person system with precision.

SSI Schaefer, in October 2020, signed a contract with Coop (Sweden) for intralogistics to make way for energy-efficient, cutting-edge, and highly-automated logistics solution for the newly-developed 77,000 sq. m. distribution centre at Eskilstuna (Sweden). KION Group, in September 2020, did expand its manufacturing facility in Støíbro (Czech Republic) by adding a 3rd factory building. Jungheinrich, in September 2020, did acquire a stake in Magazino (Munich, Germany). Yale Europe Materials Handling, in June 2020, did expand its distribution coverage in the market growing at a fast pace by extension of coverage of SETEGAR.


Daifuku Co., in April 2019, did finalize acquiring Vega Conveyors & Automation Pvt. Ltd. to expand its base in the Asia and Oceania, India in particular. Toyota Forklift, in January 2020, merged TIEM (Toyota Industrial Equipment Manufacturing) and TMHU (Toyota Material Handling USA) with the objective of having an enhanced customer experience.

In a Nutshell

The global Automated Intralogstics Material Handling Solutions Market is likely to grow at a robust rate between 2021 and 2031 – Persistence Market Research

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