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Online Reputation Management; Interview With Adam Petrilli the CEO of NetReputation


Adam Petrilli is a thought leader in the online reputation management industry. He and his team at NetReputation will help you take control of your online reputation with their highly rated services as the “best global reputation management firm 2020”. We are happy to hear from Adam in this interview with TechBullion, as he shares with us more details about his work at NetReputation.

Please tell us a little more about yourself?

My name is Adam Petrilli. Currently, I serve as CEO at the Sarasota-based NetReputation, a leading ORM and reputation monitoring solutions provider. I founded NetReputation in 2015 and have overseen company operations ever since. I am an experienced reputation management consultant, serial entrepreneur and sought-after expert on online reputation trends, issues, and digital brand development. 

For me, few things can match the excitement or thrill of building a successful organization and watching it flourish. It’s been incredibly rewarding to lead one of the most successful and dynamic online service teams in our market over the last six years. But I would have to say that my real passion is helping people, and putting clients in control of something (their online footprint) they might not have been able to otherwise.

From the beginning, NetReputation has always been about putting clients first and empowering control in an otherwise chaotic, unpredictable digital environment. 

Our objective is to deliver robust and tech-driven solutions that make long-term online success possible for individuals and brands across the web. And over the last several years, I believe we’ve really hit our stride as one of the top innovators and resources in the ORM industry.

What inspired you to get into the reputation management field? 

As an entrepreneur myself, I know the challenges involved in building a successful organization, even without the constant threats of viral videos and scathing headlines always looming around the corner. I started NetReputation because I wanted to provide business owners a way to protect against those online threats without taking their energy away from what really matters. 

Managing bad search results, news stories and fake reviews can be a demanding, time-consuming job in itself, and when you’re running a business, it can be a real strain on your patience and bottom line. NetReputation has the processes and technologies in place to help businesses and professionals protect online brand integrity without dedicating time and resources needed elsewhere. 

Our reputation repair and maintenance solutions don’t just deliver results. They provide the peace of mind entrepreneurs, executives and brands need to focus on the future.

Can you tell us a little more about NetReputation and the specific services you provide?

NetReputation is an industry-leading reputation management solutions team, delivering robust, tech-powered reputation repair, monitoring and branding services to individuals and businesses around the globe. We specialize in customized online reputation management solutions for anyone seeking a better online presence, or who are simply looking for more control over their own online narrative.

Since 2015, our ORM solutions have been centered on innovation and combining the latest multiple reputation services to achieve long-term results for each client. A comprehensive ORM campaign may include any number of online elements based on client situation and need, such as reputation management, review management, online monitoring, branding (personal and business), content removal, internet privacy protection, public relations, SEO, social media management and more. 

In short, our goal is to make world-class reputation solutions available to anyone. We pride ourselves on getting results faster and more consistently than anyone else in our field, and our constant commitment to innovation is second-to-none. 

I’ve always felt that a constant focus on learning and improvement is the only way to stay ahead and empower success in an evolving digital landscape. I believe NetRep embodies that approach.

Who is your main clientele, and which industries do you focus on most?

NetReputation maintains the robust reputation resources and flexibility to serve clients of all professional backgrounds and industries. We know that anyone can fall victim to a negative headline or harmful social media post at any time. That’s why our ORM solutions are scalable and designed to address each client’s unique needs and goals, regardless of field or focus.

To date, we’ve successfully helped thousands of clients repair their digital footprints and retake control over the online narrative. Our clients have included anyone from college applicants, entrepreneurs and executives to small businesses and Fortune 500 brands. 

We’ve served individuals and businesses across an array of industries, including healthcare, automotive, retail, legal, sports, gaming, entertainment, cryptocurrency and many more.   

The reputation management industry seems to be very competitive. What sets NetReptuation apart from your competitors?

Innovation is a core principle at NetReputation. Simply put, it’s baked into everything we do, from high-level strategy development to how we process removals and communicate with clients.  We’re committed to constant improvement because we know it’s the only way to get the best results possible in an ever-moving digital threatscape. 

I believe our unwavering focus on identifying and implementing better, faster, more effective processes really does set us apart from everyone else. We don’t settle for the status quo. We continually push ourselves to improve. And, we empower our team with the freedom and flexibility to pursue that innovation and get things done for our clients. 

What exactly is involved in online reputation management? Once negative search results are removed, isn’t that all it takes?

Reputation management tends to be a widely misunderstood process, sometimes even by those within the industry itself. But what’s important to remember is that it is, in fact, a process, often requiring multiple components, steps and layers to ensure it delivers the maximum impact possible for your online image.

While removing search results is often a big part of ORM, it’s far from the only element needed to ensure a successful campaign. Even when content and link removal are possible, it often takes ongoing monitoring, SEO content development, search suppression, and numerous other techniques employed over time to deliver lasting online results. 

Of course, each ORM campaign is different and based on the client’s unique online situation and goals. But overall, it’s important to know that it’s not a one-and-done proposition. Building a positive, more secure online image tends to be a complex and collaborative effort, requiring the work of various specialists and techniques to achieve the desired outcome. Getting it right demands nothing less than everyone’s best effort.    

Where do you see the ORM industry headed, and what is NetReputation’s role in that future?

Whether you’re an average joe or a global conglomerate, it’s hard to deny the growing influence and role digital has on reputation, brand and how we do business. And because that impact continues to grow at an incredible rate, I foresee substantial industry growth and significant demand for ORM well into the future, particularly for companies and service providers that can keep up with an increasingly dangerous threat matrix. 

That’s probably a long way of saying that the ORM industry is here to stay. The need and demand for effective reputation management will continue expanding, and those companies that can deliver results consistently will be in the best position to lead the pack. 

I believe NetReputation is primed to be that leader well into the future. The leadership team we’ve built, combined with our model, flexibility and innovation mindset, has more than solidified our spot as an industry vanguard.  

Can you provide our readers a better sense of why online reputation management is important, and what it takes to protect and control your “digital reputation?”

Whether you’re an individual or an organization, an executive or aspiring professional, who you are on the internet matters more than ever. And when hiring managers or customers search you online, what they find promises to have a significant and growing impact on your reputation, career, bottom line and even your standing in the community.

A smart, proactive reputation management strategy allows you to shape that impact, reinforcing your positive attributes while reducing the influence of negative items on your digital brand. With ORM, you’re working to build a firewall around your online presence and demonstrate your value to employers, customers and colleagues. Without it, you’re leaving yourself and your organization vulnerable to threats and allowing others to shape your narrative. 

In a complex threatscape, protecting your reputation requires not only knowing how you look online, but the tools, technology and expertise to carve out and defend your own digital footprint on your terms.  

NetReputation has grown a lot over the last few years. You’ve even been named to the Inc. 5000 fastest growing list 3 years running. Tell us more about how that happened and where you see the company in the future?

We have a great team, and we always put the client first. Any growth and success we’ve achieved over the last several years is due to incredible talent and, I believe, an unwavering commitment to world-class service. 

Client success is our success. To get there, we strive to maintain an innovative work environment that empowers staff and cultivates employee buy-in. Our reputation specialists take ownership of each campaign and work tirelessly to give clients everything needed to realize their full online potential.

Any other information you’d like to share with our readers?

Yes. When it comes to your online presence, the sooner you take action, the better. 

In general, the longer negative items remain on the web, the likelier they are to catch the attention of employers, coworkers, consumers and anyone else searching your name. What’s worse: each day something bad shows up in search, the easier it is for competitors and bad actors to find and spread across the web, making it harder and often much costlier to manage over the long-term.

To learn more about online reputation management and how we can help you take control, visit today. 

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