Online Proctoring: The Wave of The Future

Online Proctoring

Online proctor monitoring is an integral part of the exam-taking process to ensure that candidates do not cheat or use unfair methods. Exams that follow traditional procedures have proctors present in the examination hall to keep an eye on the candidates’ behavior.

When it comes to online tests, proctoring might be a significant difficulty. As a result of technical advancements, online exam proctoring can now be just as successful as traditional offline exam proctoring. 

How Does It Work?

After acknowledging the significance of online proctoring, it’s time to learn more about how online proctored tests work in practice. However, the question remains as to how online tests are proctored. The following are the steps that the online test proctor will take:

  • Both the examiner and the test taker must have online proctoring software installed on their computers in order for the test to be valid.
  • When a candidate participates in an online proctored exam, the application gains access to their computer and camera.
  • The candidate’s identification is verified through the use of facial recognition technology.
  • The program’s audio analytics software compares the candidate’s voice to previous audio samples that the candidate has given to the software.
  • Using websites on a candidate’s PC or mobile device is restricted by online proctoring software.
  • An online proctored exam is one in which the candidate’s activities are closely observed during the entire exam.
  • If any indication of cheating is detected, the software will sound an alarm, pause or stop the exam.
  • The entire exam session is recorded so that it can be reviewed later.

The Advantages of Online Proctoring

Online proctoring has a number of advantages over traditional offline proctoring, including the following:

  • Cheating is recorded and logged with a timestamp so that any instances of cheating or attempts to cheat can be submitted as proof at any time.
  • A scalable system means that the number of candidates who can appear for the exam is not restricted by physical space or distance. The scale can be raised automatically with only a small manual interaction required.
  • There are no gaps in the monitoring because the AI engine and real-time video streams ensure that the entire exam period is observed and nothing is missed even for the smallest of time intervals.
  • Because it can be done from any location at any time, online proctoring is extremely convenient. Proctors will appreciate the increased convenience.
  • If you compare the cost of doing traditional offline examinations to the cost of conducting online proctoring-enabled exams, you will notice that the latter option is significantly less expensive.
  • There is a significant time saving throughout the entire examination procedure, from registration to the announcement of the results. Furthermore, administrators will no longer have to deal with the logistical problems of printing, shipping, and manual data entry.

How to Choose a Proctoring Service

A good online proctoring technology should be capable of stopping all of the possible tactics that a candidate might employ to cheat during an online examination.

Methods/approaches used by candidates to cheat in an online exam include the following:

  • Using a screen sharing application
  • Microphones
  • Obtaining assistance from friends and relatives
  • Impersonators
  • Using smartphones
  • Navigation
  • USB flash drives and hard discs
  • Shortcuts on the keyboard

Choosing an online proctoring tool is entirely dependent on how thoroughly and thoroughly the points listed above are covered and taken care of in the first place. The following features should be included in an online proctoring tool to maintain track of all of the candidates’ activities:

  • Desktop sharing that allows you to see what the applicant sees on their screen. It prohibits candidates from using their system to cheat during online tests. 
  • Video stream from a second camera to detect any devices or family/friends who may assist a candidate during the exam.
  • Liveness detection is used to determine whether or not the candidate is still alive.
  • The candidate’s behavior will be captured on video and reviewed.


Online proctoring assures that an online exam is free of cheating. It is an excellent solution for all types of exams because it ensures that the integrity and security of the online exams are maintained. It enables you to identify any unusual behavior that occurs during the exam. So long as it is not a privacy concern for the students, it’s a blessing.

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