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Online Divorce in the Age of a Global Pandemic

In the past, people would not have thought it was possible to do something as drastic as get a divorce online. However, in recent times, this has become much more commonplace especially as pandemic life amplified marital problems. Particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, people have decided to make their divorces virtual, rather than dealing with civil courts. In fact, the majority of civil courts are closed for business outside of emergency purposes. Because of this, the majority of divorce proceedings are taking place online. People can end their marriages without even leaving their homes.

There are many people who might wonder if it is even possible to file for divorce online. In fact, online divorce is legal, although it is not always recommended that you take this route. If you and your spouse are dealing with a particularly contentious issues, you might want to take a different approach, and it might be very important that you actually work with an attorney.

Many people might find this hard to believe, but it is indeed possible to get a divorce without an attorney. Couples can actually get divorced using Wevorce, which they can access easily online. This is a website that will connect them to a private judge. It offers a step-by-step approach that will guide couples while they are trying to put their divorce settlement together. The program will customize the steps that they need to go through in order to finalize their divorce. 

Wevorce was made by Michelle Crosby, who is a family attorney who has a mediation certification from Harvard University. She realizes that the experience of divorce can be quite dramatic and contentious for many people, and she had the goal of redefining the whole experience by creating this website. It is meant to be an online experience that does not waste people’s money or time, and it allows them to get any questions that they may have answered. However, there is one caveat. 

This system works best for couples who are actually somewhat amiable and able to work together well. If the divorce is extremely hostile, and the couple can barely stand to be in the same room together, they will likely want to take a more traditional approach that involves a divorce attorney.

While the ability to get an online divorce can be a very useful tool, it is important to keep in mind that any agreements that were made during the divorce can potentially affect both people for the rest of their lives. Because of this, they want to make sure that they have worked everything out in a way that is satisfactory to both of them. This is why it might make a lot of sense to go through the process with an experienced attorney, rather than simply go through an online divorce.

There are a few factors that come into play when deciding whether or not to get an online divorce. If the parties have been married for only a short period of time, there are no significant debts or properties that are involved, and there are no children, it is much less likely to be complex enough that an attorney is necessary. The process will also be quicker if both parties actually want the divorce.

Many people are lauding the trend of more and more online divorces as very positive, since they do not have to physically deal with people that they do not want to deal with. This can cut down on a lot of the drama that is often associated with a divorce. Additionally, they do not need to risk being exposed to the coronavirus in order to get the divorce. However, many people will also say that it is not all positive. There is a notable lack of privacy when a video conferencing divorce is taking place, since attorneys and clients are less able to have short recesses or private conversations.

If someone is interested in an online divorce, they need to start by filing for divorce online. Then, the judge will make a decision about how the rest of the proceedings are going to go. The judge will decide whether a deposition is going to be done, as well as virtual court proceedings. There are multiple professionals in the field who believed that divorce rates could increase while  people were sheltering in place during the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic. When people are around each other more than they are accustomed to being, they are more likely to realize that they are not compatible and that they want to end their marriages.

Of course, as described earlier, online divorce is probably not for every couple. This is why it is definitely worth looking into, but couples should definitely weigh their options before deciding on an online divorce.

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