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Online Dating and Safety First: Tips for Protecting Yourself While Looking For Love

Online Dating and Safety First

Finding dates through online mode has made the way more accessible. Now people can go to parties or clubs to find their potential partners. As I saw, people used to struggle a lot to get a phone number, but now things have been altered. Online dating is undoubtedly uncomplicated and has become more prevalent since the pandemic. Although people could not meet in person, their conversations were boundless. The ratio of people using online dating apps and sites has significantly increased.

Coming to the dark side of online dating, you still don’t know who you are talking to. It doesn’t matter if they have given an introduction, but what about the authenticity? 

Therefore, online dating safety is something to look into with more concern.

How to Be Safe With Online Dating

The online world is more perplexing than your expectations. Over half of online daters use fake names, marital statuses, pictures, and locations. Scams like personal identity theft, phishing and malware, catfishing, and authentication are prevalent these days. With all those scammers, the question is how to be safe in such a scenario with precautions. Here are some online dating safety tips:

  1. First, you should protect your identity. You should avoid including personal information like last name, social media profile, or email address.
  1. Always enable the two-factor authentication option.
  1. Always use an authentic and reputed online dating service. Go through the user’s reviews. 
  1. Don’t ever share your whole life story with any stranger.
  1. Nowadays, many social media platforms provide location-sharing options, use them with care. 
  1. Choose different profile pictures for different social media accounts.
  1. Don’t go for personal classified ads on these platforms that seem suspicious. 
  1. Don’t connect with suspicious profiles. Suspected profiles might not have a bio or linked social media accounts. Something might need to be fixed if the profile has only a few pictures.
  1. Immediately block the suspicious users from your account. For example, if that person has talked weirdly or inappropriately, get rid of it. 
  1. Report the user trying to threaten or intimidate you in any way. 
  1. Never respond positively if someone is demanding financial assistance. 
  1. If you are planning to meet, choose public locations. Don’t take any rides.
  1. Get your transportation or call a cab.
  1. Stay sober. The presence of the mind is essential.
  1. Always ensure the environment is safe. Feel free to leave if you get bad vibes or feel something needs improvement.

Safe Online Encounters

Today, as many as one in three people are online dating. It is because there are over thousands of people across the world who are using an online platform. You can get as many people as you want to talk. People make amazing profiles with enthusiastic bios to attract attention. There could be plenty of reasons for choosing this medium: it may be for fun, to create meaningful relationships, or just for sex. Sometimes people get too affectionate with an online person; they don’t hesitate to share their personal information.

Three years ago, I met a person online whose profile was damn impressive. With lots of chit-chat for over three months, he didn’t update his profile. Although he was turning out to be heavily possessive of me, he never liked facetime. This behavior made me pessimistic. By the end of the fifth month, I blocked him. Why wouldn’t someone connect face to face when I share my home address or work address? That online jerk tried a lot, but my suspicions saved me. 

Online dating precautions are often neglected in the infatuation of desires. Cyberspace has plenty of scammers ready to benefit from your loneliness. 

You need to realize the red flags when dealing with online creeps.

A red flag is when

  • If they promise to meet but cancel every time with excuses. 
  • If they unexpectedly grab your attention by making small texts or calls.
  • If they share pictures that look more like a fashion magazine than reality.
  • For the sake of emergency requirements, they ask for money.
  • If they continuously ask to choose an alternative and leave online dating apps or websites. 
  • If they insist you meet in a personal space or hotel rather than a public place. 
  • If they are overly possessive of you, try to be intimate or highly romantic. 
  • If they are pressuring you to share your phone number, address, or any other personal information.

Rules and Tips for Online Dating Safety

Young individuals, especially women online daters, face a lot of sexual harassment on the platform. Online platforms have hidden risks that can be avoided if you follow specific rules of online dating:-

  1. You should be anonymous to protect your identity or personal information.
  1. Be careful with your passwords. Do not open any irrelevant emails.
  1. Take your time before you take any steps.
  1. Connect with new people with more caution. 
  1. If someone has suspicious behavior, report it. 
  1. Do research to make an informed decision. 


  1. Be careful of making relationships outside the borders or overseas.
  1. Be careful if the person is providing you with an international number for contacting casually.
  1. Observe if someone needs to be more specific in communication.
  1. Don’t ever get involved in something related to finance. Someone might show urgency; you need to take a look.
  1. It’s better to discuss with your friends and take advice. 
  1. Never share your pictures or information that belongs only to you. 
  1. Protect your bank details.
  1. Be aware of your expectations, so you are never caught in trouble.
  1. If you plan to meet, tell your close friend or relative and share the details, like location, timing, pictures, etc.
  1. Trust your guts 


Online dating is different for everyone. Many users have experienced psychological stress doing online dating. While using any online platform, our safety and information are foremost. If you evaluate what to look out for when you’re online dating, there are fewer chances of getting in trouble. Although online dating apps have grown, the associated hidden dangers are also raised. Always choose a safe dating site, and safeguard your private information. 

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