Online Coding Classes Do Things Differently

There’s no shortage of programs offering coding classes, which isn’t a surprise given how digital technology dominates society. Being without a smartphone today is nearly unthinkable, and home computers stopped being a rarity decades ago.

With new gadgets like smart watches and tablets, parents are right to prepare their children for the digital world today. Let’s check out what the best online coding classes do differently from their mediocre peers.

In-Demand Coding Languages  

The best coding courses in the industry like Real Programming 4 Kids teach the coding languages used to power the most popular apps, websites, and video games. They’re the language that employers look for in people they hire, and they’re what let kids unleash their creativity today.

Look for a program that teaches coding languages, such as:

  • Python
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • C#
  • C++

Some coding courses begin with programs like Scratch, which is really more of a drag-and-drop program designed to show what coding is like, rather than an actual coding language professionals use in the field. Young kids who have only basic experience with computers can begin coding fun, exciting games. Teenagers who have coded before also enjoy learning new tricks that keep them stimulated and engaged without ever being overwhelming.

Games Are Everything

Computer coding is no joke, but it should be a game! Leading computer coding courses revolve around teaching kids to make video games they can play with friends and family.

Creating a game can be as engaging as playing one, no matter the coder’s level of previous experience with computers. Students learn better than they’re genuinely driven and excited to learn the material, and nothing hooks kids on learning more than video games.

Small, Orderly Classes

You can have the world’s best teacher lecturing about the world’s most exciting topic, but if the environment is noisy and disruptive, kids won’t learn much. Look for an online coding class that caps class size at four, so your child won’t have to compete for their teacher’s full attention.

At most, it will only be them and three other students. It’s even better if the program has no mandatory minimum; you don’t want to get your child all excited for coding classes only to give them the disappointing news that it was cancelled because not enough other people signed up.

Young, Expert Teachers

Finally, the best online coding classes tend to hire young teachers from computer science and computer engineering backgrounds. This approach has at least two advantages.

Teachers with recent experience doing coding in school and navigating the job market can give students practical advice about where coding can lead them when school is over. Plus, they were also young enough to grow up playing video games and can transfer their passion to students when teaching them how to program, design, and code their own video games.

Parents who don’t know how to code may think all computer programming courses are alike. Try to keep the above points in mind, and your child will get the most from their online computer coding program.


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