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One of a Kind: Non-fungible Music. The Decentralized Project That Breaks the Chains Between Artists and Abusive Record Labels

The Project Is Launching Its First VIP Mint, Along With An Ambitious Roadmap To Break Fee The Music World Into Decentralization

The Ethereum-based decentralized project Non-Fungible Music ($NFM), is launching its first public mint next Monday 16th May. It consists of 3,000 limited editions of Founder’s VIP Passes that will grant holders the chance to stake them and get $NFM tokens in return. Potentially making future mints even free. This early access mint is opening its doors to a few selected individuals and giving them the chance to be part of the revolution from the get-go.

The Project

Musicians and artists have been historically stepped over by label giants. Making top-tier artists earn cents on the dollar, and keeping them tethered to extremely strict and sometimes pseudo-illegal contracts. The artist becomes the victim, and to avoid PR issues or even getting expelled from the industry, they just have to live with it. Those times are over.

This unique project was built to allow artists to connect with fans, interact and have 100% control of their music and artistic pieces. How? By decentralizing them and using blockchain as a protective layer. This way the artist controls the entire process from inception to making revenue from it. Music will no longer be an “Industry”, but a community where artists can even have their own branded profiles.

The Roadmap

The project’s roadmap is strictly mapped out, but it all starts with the first Founder’s VIP Pass NFT Mint.

There will be 3,000 Limited Edition VIP passes to artist development available for minting for 0.5 ETH each. Passes can be staked to earn $NFM tokens.

This first mint will be launched altogether with a Founder’s Pass NFT Mint for fans and investors. It consists of 6,000 General Admission Early Access passes. Holders will be able to use them to purchase their very first artist song mint on the decentralized app, using $NFM. These passes can also be staked to earn those $NFM and make the first mint’s cost even lower. $NFM will become the governance token in the launch of the official Decentralized Autonomous Organization(DAO) later this year.

Right after that, the pipeline continues unveiling the release of the mp3 minting and artist profile dApp. Later on, a farming pair will be launched (NFM/ETH), followed by an OG Token Redemption. Important releases and features are set throughout the entire year up until July.

About Non-Fungible Music: Non-Fungible Music is a unique and game-changing Ethereum-based decentralized project. Their main goal is to build a community around a decentralized music platform, allowing artists to get full control of their music and freely interact with their beloved fans. Breaking the old industry chains with the power of Web3 & Blockchain.


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