On the Task of Creating a Revolutionary Gaming Experience: Interview with CEO of Monstrerra, Mr.Leo Vu

Creating a Revolutionary Gaming Experience

“Monsterra is the first freemium P2E game of Fizen Game Studio – an integrated component of  Fizen Ecosystem that brings world-class P2E projects with immersive gameplay and a balanced in-game economy to fuel the GameFi revolution. With this support, we aim to build  a sustainable product and enhance our users’ gaming experience.”

Under a strong thesis of replacing a daily job, the Play-to-Earn (P2E) crypto games emerged as a sign of a rapidly growing blockchain economy, one that incorporates its own mechanisms of value generation and promises generous investment returns for the ones who jumped in early on. Such, for example, is Axie Infinity: procuring $1,000-worth of AXS tokens would generate the amount of $214,873 eight months later – a vertical increase of over 21,000%. This and more, GameFi is capable of giving away to all investors and those who simply love gaming, turning this activity into an alluring resource of an extra income. No wonder, the popularity of P2E games keeps magnifying, with a promise to strike $80 billion value by 2025. This may potentially grow over into self-evolving gaming economies designed around the governance token, which will become a dominant part of the current attention economy. As such, Monsterra comes in to embrace the wave of agitation surrounding this new phenomenon and embrace the P2E industry with the touch of NFT. 

As blockchain-based gaming increasingly gains traction, it already produced a number of pain points for the participants involved. Such, for example, maybe the “entry fee” required to access the game, which turns it into a “high-risk activity” by default. Another peril that even reliable projects are not safe from is the token inflation, leaving users and investors with devalued tokens. Monsterra NFT Game counters these problems: introducing the game which is actually free to play, it eliminates any upfront costs and gives users a chance to experiment with the game. Another notable feature is the anti-inflation mechanic structure, which allows evading any tokenomics problems in the future. Moreover, the inexpensive gas fees when first playing the game break down the cost barrier present in the competitive landscape, placing Monsterra among the least expensive games to engage in. 

It is important to highlight that the project puts effort into making gaming, above all, a fun experience: gamers can create farms, build property and lead battles against other lands populated by Mongen, the magical creatures. Successfully raising $2M in early IDO, Monsterra gained the support of Hashed, Shima Capital, Huobi Ventures, Icetea Labs and Salad Ventures that all see the strength in the project’s core proposition: the creation of free-to-play and free-to-earn in-game economy comprised of the elements of gameplay, DAO Treasury and NFT Marketplace. All in all, Monsterra stands at the dawn of the new era in which gaming and earning march hand-in-hand, creating unparalleled opportunities for both entertainment and revenue growth. 

Impressed by the project’s ambition, I approached the CEO of Monstrerra, Mr.Leo Vu, to learn more about how Monstrerra can lead the transformation race of the traditional gaming experience.   

To begin with: what inspired you to embark on a mission of transforming the gaming industry? How in particular can Monstrerra achieve that?

When start developing Monsterra, our team conducted our own researches on many popular existing games and found out that there are 4 main problems faced by both gamers and gaming publishers as follows: 

– High Entry Fee

– Poorly Designed Gameplay

– Imbalanced Tokenomic Model

– High gas fee rate 

To minimise and solve these headaches, we have decided to build Monsterra – the dual-chain P2E game with various innovative solutions.

– Creating Free-To-Play-To-Earn Game Mechanics

– Building a Play-For-Fun Game Model

– Designing a Balanced In-Game Economy

-Offering  Gas Fee Solution

For further details, I suggest you go to Monsterra’s official website and channels. I believe you will love Monsterra or when you get used to it.

What is the mission and vision behind your project? How can it help people to benefit from additional revenue streams, especially in the aftermath of the pandemic crash?

Monsterra is our first freemium blockchain game in the Monsterra Metaverse. Our team strives to deliver a revolutionary P2E game that transforms existing Play-to-earn games into the fun zone. Thus, players can enjoy an exciting playground and a high-profit stream at the same time.

Most existing Play-to-Earn games apply an unbalanced Tokenomic model that circulates only one native token. It means that the entry price and the reward payout will be pegged to that token, resulting in a quick surge or collapse due to the token price fluctuation. 

Drawing the lesson from other game developers, the Monsterra team used MSTR (the native token) and MAG (the reward payout token). With these, we tried to achieve the sustainability & scalability of the ecosystem over time.

Please, tell us more about team members at Monstrerra. What is their past professional experience?

Monsterra team comprises 70 seasoned members with experience in both gaming and crypto industries. The team is being led by Mr. Victor Thang – Project Owner of the project with more than 15 years of experience in working and developing gaming products. Other core team members also have intensive hand-on experience participating in various potential game projects. 

More importantly, our Monsterra team builds a long-term vision and share a deep passion about P2E games together. We have spent months in conducting researches, investigating the market and analysing existing games to be able to design the best product with attractive gameplay, balanced in-game economy and magnificent graphics in the context when most existing P2E games are too focused on the click-to-earn aspect that forget about the true fun-playing experience that a real gamer needs. 

We have a plan to scale up to 100 members this year to meet the requirements of product development.

How does Monstrerra manage to create a distinctive proposition in a densely competitive environment of GameFi? 

Stepping in the competitive GameFi space, Monsterra team strives to deliver a revolutionary P2E game that transforms existing Play-to-earn games into the fun zone. 

Monsterra sets itself apart from other P2E game with several USPs:

– Unprecedented Breeding Mechanism

– Unique Land Shaping and Customization Mechanics

– Varied Land Theme

– Innovative Token & NFT Staking

I hope our audiences, also our potential users in the upcoming time can visit our Whitepaper at: for more information.

From your perspective, what stands behind the early success of Monstrerra NFT, with a 3,000% increase rate following the listing on Binance?

The success of the first INO Mystery Boxes campaign on Binance NFT Marketplace is a huge motivation for Monsterra team. The key to that achievement, I believe, lied in the thorough implementation plan for each development step. Monsterra team worked closely with the campaign and followed strictly all standards of preparing the application form, setting up the NFT boxes for Binance listing, and announcing loudly the event to the community.

Other than that, the resounding achievement of selling out 20,000 Mystery Boxes in a space of 10 seconds also made another hit and brought Monsterra name closer to users. More and more gamers started to recognize and know how valuable our Mystery Boxes were and pour out their money in them. 

The promise to build the whole gaming ecosystem already brought Monstrerra $2M during early IDO. Could you please tell us more about those who back up this project?

Our team has worked hard together, developed a well-structured gameplay and sustainable in-game economy with 5 main components including gameplay, DAO Treasury, NFT Marketplace, Portal Game and Guild.  Thus, Monsterra has been chosen to be invested by top funds in the blockchain space. 

Earlier this April, we officially released our investment report with successful fundraising of total $2M led by Hashed, Shima Capital, Huobi Ventures, Icetea Labs, Salad Ventures to get ready for IDO and official game launch this middle of May. We also have GameFi, Kyros Ventures, MetaGaming Guild, GT Capital, HG Ventures and more than 30 partners worldwide as our strategic partners committing in the long run. Other than that, we have built a strong KOLs network to best support the project with nearly 100 global and local KOLs for different markets ranging from Asia to Europe.

With the strong support from such a profound networks of backers and partners, I believe that Monsterra will accelerate its growth & success even more in the coming time.

There are 2 token models supported by the platform: MSTR & MAG. How can those be compared?

Monsterra game is governed and supported by 2 different tokens $MSTR – the primary token with a total supply of 100M and MAG – the secondary token $MAG with unlimited total supply.

– $MSTR can be used in staking, purchasing assets, upgrading items to buying tickets for the event participation and obtained in the form of staking rewards, in-game event prizes, or from the shared revenue from Monsterra Treasury.

– $MAG can be used to breed & evolve Mongens, reduce waiting time in the game, pay the fee for Arena battles & buy extra energy. $MAG can be obtained in the form of completing PvE quests, winning PvP battles, voting in DAO & joining events.

For more information, we highly recommend you to take a closer look at our Whitepaper at:  

Further, how can the users benefit from token utilities within the platform?

Token holders of $MSTR can receive massive benefits from Monsterra. In specific, players can make their earning in various ways as follows:

– Rewards from staking pools.

– Extra bonus from the exogenous network revenue.

– Rewarding incentive from playing Monsterra game: joining events, tournaments, arena.

– Voting right to govern Monsterra game

Please, give us a description of the Reward & Fee structure of the in-game stream. What crucial components does it comprise?

In Monsterra, the Battle Mode is the critical production source of the in-game reward stream. The Battle offers players various rewarding incentives to gain additional value or extra capital to reinvest. The reward structure contains four main components, including Land plots, MAG tokens, Consumable items & Resources.

While engaging in the Monsterra game activities, players will also have to make the fee to evolve & nurture their Mongens, develop the fusion processes, pay for battle modes, and upgrade their in-game assets, etc. The full list of our fee structure can be found in the whitepaper for your deeper understanding.

Finally – what is the action plan of Monstrerra until the end of this year?

At this point, after wrapping up the preparations for IDO and game launch, we focus on the most important 2nd quarter with a lot of gameplay activities and partner network focusing on the main parts as follows:


Farming Game Launch

Battle v1: Adventure Mode  

DAO Treasury + Staking  

Battle v2: battle (boss challenge + battlefront)  

Multi-chain (+Terra chain support)  

Fusion (Optional)  

DAO Governance

With the coming 3rd and 4th quarters, as mentioned in the project’s Roadmap, we accelerate and launch more attractive, challenging and exciting play modes in addition to broader and deeper community events and towards multi-chain orientation and maximising our user’s experience.

I hope that my personal sharings did bring our audiences some core valuable information about our innovative project. We will step by step conquer greater successes ahead and win the love and companionship from the community. 

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